Ashpyr Brick

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A brick of five purified Magic cores encased in ashen stone. Use it to enhance equipment.

Ashpyr Brick is an Upgrade Material item in Salt and Sacrifice. Upgrade Materials are special items obtained by slying Mages and their Minions. Each Mage and its minions has a specific set of equipment directly related to the Upgrade Materials it drops and is always composed of a combination of an Armor Set, a variety of Weapons, One Ring, One Amulet, One Dagger, and a Display Trophy. Players can farm Mages for Upgrade Materials by searching them on the map or by completing Mage Hunts or daily Fated Hunts.


Where to Find Ashpyr Brick in Salt and Sacrifice

Ashpyr Brick can be obtained as Quest Rewards or found inside the many Supply Bags that you come across throughout the game.


Salt and Sacrifice Ashpyr Brick Information 

  • Item Type: Upgrade Materials
  • Description: A brick of five purified Magic cores encased in ashen stone. Use it to enhance equipment.


Ashpyr Brick Tips & Builds

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      In the Elder Copse after a grappling hook side path, there is an Inphyrean Warden paired with a Aberrant Heart that drops an Asphyr Brick, in a chest behind them is also a Mosspyr Brick

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