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Stealthy and agile, the Assassin suits players looking for quick and personal combat
Starting Abilities (Stats)
Strength 5 Arcana 5
Dexterity 6 Conviction 5
Vitality 5 Resolve 5
Will 7 Luck 5
Endurance 5    

Assassin is a Class in Salt and Sacrifice. You can pick to play as an Assassin in Character Creation, and this choice is final and will determine your starting equipment. You can later customize your character by selecting Skills on the Tree of Skill as you level up.



Assassin Class Guide

This Salt and Sacrifice Class is best suited for players looking to excel as an agile and close-combat class. The main points of the class are:

  • A
  • B
  • C


Assassin Starting Equipment

Players who pick the Assassin class in Salt and Sacrifice begin the game with the following equipment:


Assassin Starting Skills in Salt and Sacrifice


Assassin Builds in Salt and Sacrifice

Builds for Assassin class will be added when more is known about the game


Assassin Notes and tips in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Classes in Salt and Sacrifice determine the starting Equipment and what Skills from the Skill Tree the player begins the game with.
  • Main Stats are not affected by this choice, and all Classes begin the game with 5 in each of the 9 Main Stats. 
  • Other Notes and tips go here. 


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