Bloodletting Ring


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Recovers Health upon successful kills.

Bloodletting Ring is an Ring in Salt and SacrificeBloodletting Ring recovers Health upon successful kills. Rings are a type of Accessory that take up an armor slot and must be equipped to take effect. These effects grant benefits to the player and can help to increase stats or specific defenses. Most of these items are classified as Charms which are them categorized into different types such as Amulets and Rings


Salt and Sacrifice Bloodletting Ring Information

  • Item Type: Ring
  • Effect: Recovers Health upon successful kills.
  • Description: A viciously sharp ring, not to be worn by any mortal that desires peace.
  • Styled with the Bloodletter's Set


Where to Find Bloodletting Ring in Salt and Sacrifice

To craft Bloodletting Ring you need the following Materials:

These materials can be obtained as drop from the following Enemies:


Bloodletting Ring Tips & Builds

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