Celestial Set

Light Armor Set
celestial set male armor set salt and sacrifice wiki 231px 
Phys: 42.6/40.5 Fire: 23.6/21.3
Cold: 41.9/39.6 Poison: 22.6/20.8
Light: 52.2/42.4 Dark: 22.5/20.4
Weight: 11.5/10.7 Poise:  -
Amor Pieces: 7 Weapons: 3 
Accesories: 3 Display Trophy: 1

Celestial Set is a Light Armor Set in Salt and Sacrifice. Celestial Set is composed of 7 Armor Pieces, 3  Weapons, 3 Accessories and 1 Display Trophy. Armor Sets provide defense to certain elements, making them specially useful against particular Mages



Where to find Celestial Set in Salt and Sacrifice


Celestial Set Info in Salt and Sacrifice

There are two variations of the Celestial Set, and both can be crafted no matter the character's genre.

celestial set male armor set salt and sacrifice wiki 231pxcelestial set female armor set salt and sacrifice wiki 231px


Materials needed to craft Celestial Set

To be able to fully create the whole set, player require the following materials:

  These materials can be obtained as drop from the following Enemies:


Celestial Set Pieces in Salt and Sacrifice



Celestial Set Notes and Tips in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Notes & Tips go here
  • Celestial Set has two distinct attires. Both of their stats can be found on the infobox.


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