Champion Hera

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Location Pardoner's Vale
Ashbourne Village
Role Champion

Champion Hera  is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Champion Hera gives players the initial direction towards Ashbourne Village.


Champion Hera Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Champion Hera can initially be found at Pardoner's Vale, at the center of the village, which is west of Warpsmith Zakie's location.

  • This NPC moves/does not move


Quest and Details related to Champion Hera in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Champion Hera will initially task you with heading to Ashbourne Village and asks that you speak to Runereader Diedela in order to learn how to get there.
  • Looting the Champion's Set in Ashpeak Castle top (All Inquisitor tools required) make her leave Pardoner's Vale.
  • If the player chooses to revisit Ashpeak Castle and go to where the Champion´s Set was looted, she will be there and it will be possible to talk to her, however, even if you exhaust her dialogue, she will not return to Pardoner's Vale.



Salt and Sacrifice Champion Hera Notes & Trivia

  • Using the "Rumor" dialogue options give you hints on where to find other characters.




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      So I went back to the chest after opening it and she'll be standing there and give you some dialog. She doesn't come back to camp after this however. I'm wondering if she might be another side boss? She might move on to somewhere else after this....

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