Corvin Set

Light Armor Set
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Phys: 29.9 Fire: 9.5
Cold: 11.5 Poison: 14.2
Light: 13.8 Dark: 27.7
Weight: 9.2 Poise: -
Amor Pieces: 4 Weapons: 0
Accesories: 0  Display Trophy: 0

Corvin Set is a Light Armor Set in Salt and Sacrifice. Corvin Set is composed of 4 Armor Pieces. Armor Sets provide defense to certain elements, making them specially useful against particular Mages



Where to find Corvin Set in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Can be found in Corvius' Mire within the Veruna's Shrine area, behind a sealed door in the upper right. Requires at least 3 named mages devoured to access.
    • From  the upper treetops just outside the western side of The Great Tree, power up the Pulley just before the wooden platforms to unlock a shortcut from the lower treetops. Defeat the Sacred Knight here and then jump onto the platform to the right of the Pulley to find a Treasure Chest containing the Corvin Set.



Materials needed to craft Corvin Set

  • Can't be crafted.



Corvin Set Pieces in Salt and Sacrifice






Display Trophy



Corvin Set Notes and Tips in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Notes & Tips go here


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