Corvius Mire Guard

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Location Corvius' Mire
Role Main Campaign NPC

Corvius Mire Guard  is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Corvius Mire Guard belongs to a troop of soldiers who had traveled to Bol Gerahn to escape Corvius' Mire which had been overrun by Mages, only to discover that the temple had fallen to the same fate. The Corvius' Mire Guard is the only surviving member of his troop and gets gravely wounded in his search for a member of the Inquisition.


Corvius Mire Guard Location in Salt and Sacrifice

The Corvius' Mire Guard can be found in the Temple sub-area of Bol Gerahn.

  • He is in the sewer section of the Temple, the door to which is initially locked and requires you acquire the Filthy Key from a Treasure Pouch right in front of the Temple's throne.
  • After acquiring the key, go back down the Temple until you find a section with three pillars, each with a platform above. Climb up to the tallest pillar on the left with the largest platform/ledge. The door to the sewers can be found on the upper left of this platform. Unlock it with the Filthy Key.
  • Inside the sewers, make your way to the bottom pit and defeat the Verdant Guard in the bottom left corner. Perform alternating wall-jumps in the narrow space above where the guard was to make your way up. Continue ascending the sewers and after the second alternating wall-jump section, look to the right corner to find the Corvius' Mire Guard


filthy key location walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

Ascend to the Temple's throne and collect the Filthy Key from the Treasure Pouch in front of it

temple of bol gerahn sewers walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

Find these pillars and climb to the tallest one on the left to find the door to the Temple's sewers

corvius mire guard npc salt and sacrifice wiki guide 300px

The Corvius' Mire guard found in the upper-west section of the Temple's sewers


For a detailed guide, see the Bol Gerahn Walkthrough page.

  • This NPC does not move.


Quest and Details related to Corvius Mire Guard in Salt and Sacrifice

Corvius' Mire Guard serves an important role in the Main Campaign and is the key to proceeding to the next location.

  • Speak to Corvius Mire Guard to acquire the Runestones that will allow you to teleport to Corvius' Mire from the Mirrorgate in Pardoner's Vale.


Salt and Sacrifice Corvius Mire Guard Notes & Trivia

  • Speaking to the Kingdom Knight outside of the Temple will give you a hint about the sewers and the Corvius' Mire Guard.



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