Crescent of Dawn

crescent of dawn runic art salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Effect Uses Rage. Conjure a bright arc of flame.
Cost 2
Cooldown 1
Skill Req glyphreader skills salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128pxClass 4 Glyphreader
Weapon Blade of Dawn
Vanguard of Dawn

Crescent of Dawn is a Divine Glyph Runic Art in Salt and Sacrifice. Crescent of Dawn allows players to create a btight arc of flame, can be found in Blade of Dawn and Vanguard of Dawn. It requires glyphreader skills salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128pxClass 4 Glyphreader  and spends Rage in order to be cast. Runic Arts are unique abilities that some weapons possess, they provide diverse tools to players that can be used to harm Enemies or buff allies and may require certain levels in Banereader or Glyphreader in order to be cast.



Crescent of Dawn Information for Salt and Sanctuary

General Information

  • glyphreader skills salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128pxClass 4 Divine Glyph
  • Cost: 2
  • Cooldown: 1

Uses Rage. Conjure a bright arc of flame.


Where to find Crescent of Dawn in Salt and Sacrifice

Crescent of Dawn can be found in the following Weapons:


Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      A horizontal flame slash that is about three times the normal reach of a vanguard sword strike. Fast, and if the weapon is empowered with its self buff, this strike will be as well. Useful for surprising a human opponent who thinks they are beyond your range. Doesn't seem to do more damage than a regular melee strike however.

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