Crystaline Essence

Spew crystals from mouth. Consumes ammuntion

A bottle of shimmering, clear fluid. Transforms into crystals of pure force when mixed with catalyzing irona shavings, a property a skilled Inquisitor can use to conjure torrents of kinetic destruction.

Crystaline Essence is a special Consumable item in Salt and Sacrifice. Unlike common consumables, this item can be used repeatedly so as long as the player has the required crafting material to use them.


Salt and Sacrifice Crystaline Essence Information 

  • Item Type: Consumable (special)
  • Description: A bottle of shimmering, clear fluid. Transforms into crystals of pure force when mixed with catalyzing irona shavings, a property a skilled Inquisitor can use to conjure torrents of kinetic destruction.

Where to Find Crystaline Essence in Salt and Sacrifice


Crystaline Essence Tips & Builds

  • Consumes 2 ammunition per use.
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