Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility

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Location Blasphemer's Vault

Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Draeaxenerion is a Dracomancer mage. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility in Salt and Sacrifice. 


A cursed weaver of flame. Their dark pacts and twisted words enable pyromancers to conjure and manipulate flame from ether, forming it into all manner of baleful and wicked shapes.


Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility Information

Element and Summons





Where to find Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility in Salt and Sacrifice

Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility can be found at Dreadstone Peak.

Draeaxenerion can first be found in another sub-area called the Blasphemer's Vault (Dreadstone Peak sub-area). To get there, you must first pass through the Pilgrim's Respite cave. From the cave's upper-east entrance, navigate your way down to the middle section where a Stone Circle can be found next to some wooden platforms. Before activating it, head up the stairs to the west and pull the lever at the end of the path. This opens the gate next to it which leads to the side of the mountain in Whitecrag Path so you can more easily get back to this area later. Head back to the Stone Circle and activate it to reveal a luminous grappling point to the upper right, allowing you to reach the ledge above the locked gate. To the right of this ledge is a hidden opening that leads into the Blasphemer's Vault's first hallway. Drop down and pull the lever to the left to unlock the main gate. Fight the Mage and his mobs here for a while until he teleports. You can open the door at the end of the hallway to find an Obelisk and save your progress. Head back into the main hallway and drop down the chute in the floor using the cross platforms. At the bottom, take the east path to find the Mage again. After he teleports, head back west and drop down the chute at the end to find another Obelisk. From here, head to the right and drop down the platforms to a large hall with several Vault Retainer enemies. You will find the mage here as well.


Salt and Sacrifice Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility Rewards



Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

The difficulty in this fight stems from Draeaxenerion's very long, powerful combos which are made even longer as he dips below 50% HP. 

An effective strategy early on in the fight is to keep the Vault Retainers alive so they can damage the boss. However, due to his sheer strength, he will eventually overpower them but not before they've taken a large chunk off his health bear if you're lucky.

It is generally dangerous to attempt to punish the Mage during his Blade Smash Combo as he can quickly change directions in between each slash. Focus on dodging instead. A good window to attack is whenever he casts the ground version of Draconic Laser. This move has a slightly long recovery time, perfect to get 2-3 hits in. Just make sure to roll through the initial portion of the laser to end up near his legs.

Another strategy is to use the very long hallway to bait him into his very slow walking animation. Simply lure him to one side and quickly run in the opposite direction. As he inevitably pursues you, pelt him with ranged attacks. If you deal enough damage, you may even get him into the special stagger animation where his eye glistens briefly like a grappling point. Allowing you to grapple to his head and execute a knife move that deals lots of damage.

Once the Mage's HP is depleted, he will collapse to the ground on his knees allowing you to execute him and devour his heart, ending the encounter.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Blade Slash Draeaxenerion raises his sword slightly with one hand and then grips it with both hands, perform two quick slashes in front of him. The attacks have rather narrow hitboxes and can be avoided by backstepping. Otherwise, roll through the mage and get behind him.
Blade Smash Combo Draeaxenerion leaps towards the player and then performs 2 to 3 quick and powerful double-handed slashes with his Dragon's Maw sword while slowly advancing. He can also perform this move after landing from any aerial move. Roll behind the mage to avoid the slashes.
Draconic Laser Draeaxenerion raises one hand as it glows a bright red. Shortly after, he tracea a thin laser beam along the ground in front of him, superheating the area and causing it to explode in a cascading manner along the laser's path. Avoid the laser's path or dodge through and behind the mage before the laser is released.
Aerial Draconic Laser Draeaxenerion leaps into the air and then raises one hand in front of him as it glows a bright red. He then traces a laser beam across the ground below him, superheating the area and causing it to explode in a cascading manner along the laser's path. This version of the laser has much longer travel path compared to the ground variant. He will also follow this up with Blade Smash Combo as he lands. Avoid the laser's path at all costs when he performs this aerial version and get ready to dodge through him for the melee combo follow-up.
Draconic Fireball Draeaxenerion raises one hand in front of him as it glows a bright red, similar to the laser move but instead fires off a single, small fireball which travels diagonally towards the player and explodes on impact. Easy to avoid by rolling.
Explosive Flight Below 50% HP, Draeaxenerion's leap animation for his Aerial Draconic Laser move is modified to add an offensive component. He holds his blade with both hands with the blade facing straight down.as energy gathers below it. After a brief moment, an explosion occurs underneath the mage and he leaps upward to chain into his laser move.



Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility Lore

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Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility Notes & Trivia

  • After defeating Draeaxenerion, speak to the Mage's dying human form for some backstory and collect your extra loot. Head all the way to the east into a small room to collect a Treasure Chest which contains a Large Bag of Silver and 3x Goldenpyr Cluster. Now that you've devoured 3 Hearts, your next goal is to get to The Falling Star skyship.
  • By defeating Draeaxenerion, the Scaled Nobility players earn The Dracomancer ps5 bronze trophy trophy.
  • Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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