Eater Manrin

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Location Dreadstone Peak
Pardoner's Vale
Role Merchant

Eater Manrin is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Eater Manrin is a member of the Chaos Hunger Faction and also serves as a purveyor of special equipment and other items. He is initially found at Dreadstone Peak, where he will ask the player to join him as he feasts on the chaos generated through the endless possibilities of the struggle between life and death. He will then move to Pardoner's Vale.


Eater Manrin Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Eater Manrin can initially be found in the Old Annex sub-area of Dreadstone Peak.

  • The Old Annex can be found in the lower-east of the Temple of Eleven. To unseal the door to the area, you are required to defeat and devour the hearts of 2 Named Mages within Dreadstone Peak.
  • Inside the Old Annex, take the lower-east path and look for a narrow chute in the ground with an Ether Vent running through it. Drop through the wooden platform covering it and use your Ethercloth Bolt to manage your descent without taking fall damage. You will find Eater Manrin at the bottom.
  • After speaking to him here and answering "Yes" to his question, he will move to Pardoner's Vale.


path to eater manrin walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

The narrow chute in the eastern side of the Old Annex leading to Eater Manrin

chaos hunger npc walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

Eater Manrin found at the bottom of the chute. Use your Ethercloth Bolt to slow your descent and reach the bottom safely

 For a detailed guide, see the Dreadstone Peak Walkthrough page.

  • This NPC moves; After exhausting Eater Manrin's dialogue in the Old Annex and answering "Yes" to his question, he will move to Pardoner's Vale permanently, where you will unlock him as a Merchant. You can find him there at the Treacher's Grotto underneath the village, in the circle of candles in the lower west.


Salt and Sacrifice Eater Manrin Shop


Quest and Details related to Eater Manrin in Salt and Sacrifice

Finding and speaking to Eater Manrin at the Old Annex in Dreadstone Peak will unlock the following:

  • Chaos Feast, a type of PVP activity
  • Eater Manrin's Merchant services at the Treacher's Grotto underneath Pardoner's Vale.


Salt and Sacrifice Eater Manrin Notes & Trivia

  • By joining the Chaos Hunger, players unlock the Chaos Hunger ps5 bronze trophy trophy.
  • Notes and tips about this character go here


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