Elixir of Peace

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Item Usage
An elixir given to you by Arch Hierophant Anomolis. He said there was peace in ignorance.

Elixir of Peace is a Key Item item in Salt and Sacrifice. Key Items are known as main important items that are necessary to progress. These Key Items include objects such as Keys and Items for Quests. These grant users access to next locations allowing them to move further within the game. They can be obtained through drops or found throughout the different Locations.



Salt and Sacrifice Elixir of Peace Information

Elixir of Peace mitigates the effects caused by the Divine Sight Elixir.

The Divine Sight Elixir is given to the player by the Royal Retinue at Elder Copse if you have followed their quest line across previous locations. It will change the way you finish a defeated Mage, by displaying an alternate animation in which you eat their heart instead of just ripping it out.

To counteract the effects caused by the Divine Sight Elixir, talk to Royal Retinue. You'll get an Elixir of Peace that, upon consumption, mitigates these effects.

You can then talk again to Royal Retinue and you'll get the Divine Sight Elixir again, and so on and so forth.

  • Item Type: Key Item
  • Use: An elixir given to you by Arch Hierophant Anomolis. He said there was peace in ignorance.


Where to Find Elixir of Peace in Salt and Sacrifice

Elixir of Peace is given to the player by Royal Retinue at Hallowed Hill, after consuming the Divine Sight Elixir.


Elixir of Peace Tips & Builds

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    • Anonymous

      For those wondering: After drinking the Divine Sight Elixir, talking to the Royal Retinue guy again gives you the Elixir of Peace, which reverses the effect. When you drink the Elixir of Peace, talking to the Royal Retinue again gives you the Divine Sight Elixir again. Can go back and fourth infinitely.

      • Anonymous

        I don't know what the point of making this page if there's no explanation for the item use.. Your adding nothing of value, don't waste your time with these wiki entries if they are unfinished, 100% or 0%. Do yourself a favor please.

        • Anonymous

          Spoiler: The Elixer of Peace keeps the original animation of the character just ripping the heart out
          The Elixer of divine sight, show you eating the heart (which is the true action the Inquisitor takes)

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