Exotic Strand

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A short measure of string of some marvelous material. Can be used to upgrade tools.

Exotic Strand is a Hunter Tool item in Salt and Sacrifice. Hunter Tools are special Consumable Items that players can craft while exploring by using materials. 


Salt and Sacrifice Exotic Strand Information

  • Item Type: Tool Upgrade Material
  • Description: A short measure of string of some marvelous material. Can be used to upgrade tools.


Where to Find Exotic Strand in Salt and Sacrifice

Ashbourne Village:

  • Exotic Strand can be found inside a Treasure Chest at Ashbourne Village, west from Celus Zend, The Mourning Winter's arena. Use the platforms to climb up to the ledge above. In the east, there is a couple of grappling points you can use to get to the Treasure Chest by the edge of the cliffs.
  • One can be found at The Archridge District. start from the eastern Ashbourne Village Obelisk and make your way up the wooden platforms up to this point and then jump off towards the right:

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Make your way up the wooden platforms above eastern Ashbourne Village

You will land on a concrete ledge with a Treasure Chest containing an Exotic Strand and 5x Irona Ore.

Bol Gerahn:

  • The Magnesin Supply: Enter the tunnel to the east. Inside, a Baroness will ambush you from the ceiling. Defeat it and then jump up the wooden platform by the stairs. Make your way across the crumbling platforms to find another solid wooden platform at the end where you can loot a Treasure Pouch containing an Exotic Strand.
  • Temple of Bol Gerahn: Go to the east and climb up the platforms on the pillars, the second of which has a Treasure Pouch containing an Exotic Strand and a Salt Shard.
  • Temple Sewers: After acquired the Filthy Key, you can unlock the door to the Temple's sewers. You can find the door by climbing up from the bottom of the temple until you reach the three pillars where you collected the Exotic Strand and Salt Shard earlier. The door is above the wall on left-most pillar's platform.

Dreadstone Peak:

  • After defeating Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind in the Temple of Eleven, unseal the door to the left of that same area. Traverse the Temple's upper-western balcony until you find a Mage Distortion where the hunt for Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal is initiated. Instead of beginning the hunt, drop to the ledges below and to the left of the balcony. The Treasure Pouch on one of the ledges contains an Exotic Strand as well as a Salt Piece


Exotic Strand Tips & Builds

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