Graphite Nail

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A fingernail of solid graphite. It sporadically emits arcs of lightning.

Graphite Nail is a Crafting Material in Salt and Sacrifice. Crafting Materials are special items obtained by slaying Mages and their Minions. Each Mage and its minions has a specific set of equipment directly related to the Crafting Materials it drops and is always composed of a combination of an Armor Set, a variety of Weapons, One Ring, One Amulet, One Dagger, and a Display Trophy. Players can farm Mages for Crafting Materials by searching them on the map or by completing Mage Hunts or daily Fated Hunts.


What Armor Set can I craft with Graphite Nail in Salt and Sacrifice

Players can use Graphite Nail to craft the following equipment of the Lerkeseeker Set:


Where to Find Graphite Nail in Salt and Sacrifice

Can be obtained as drop from the following Enemies:


Salt and Sacrifice Graphite Nail Information 

  • Item Type: Crafting Materials
  • Description: A fingernail of solid graphite. It sporadically emits arcs of lightning.


Graphite Nail Tips & Builds

  •   Salt and Sacrifice Other, notes, tips, and trivia
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