Icon of Pandemonium

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Location The Citadel of Sky

Icon of Pandemonium is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat Icon of Pandemonium in Salt and Sacrifice. 


Where to find Icon of Pandemonium in Salt and Sacrifice


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Icon of Pandemonium Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

While the Icon of Pandemonium has a lot of moves, its constant state of flight also makes it easier to get underneath or behind it and this should be your general strategy against most of its attacks. The only attacks you need to create distance from are the Lightning Burst and the Lightning Storm depending on where the orbs spawn. Aside from these two attacks, keep close to the Icon and utilize a dodge and poke tactic. Dodge an attack and retaliate with a single strike. Don't get greedy as the boss does not have much health to begin with. Take your time and play safe.

Another note for this fight is during its Grounded Lightning move, you are supposed to jump over the bolts to avoid damage but be careful not to jump prematurely as it will release two sets of bolts with a small delay between them. Jumping too early will get you through the first set of bolts but you will get hit by the second one.

Aside from these notes, the fight should be a fairly straightforward affair.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Rake The Icon pulls back 3 of its limbs and then quickly strikes in front of it. This move has a very short distance and can easily be avoided or rolled through.
Lightning Strike The Icon charges one claw with lightning and releases it in a cone towards the ground in front of it. The lightning has a large hitbox and decent range. Avoid this move by rolling underneath the boss as it charges.
Grounded Lightning The Icon raises its claws, charging them with lightning. After a brief delay, it throws the lightning on the ground directly underneath it. The lightning splits into two bolts which travel along the ground in both directions. It does this with both hands one after the other. You can jump over the bolts as they approach to avoid damage.
Ball Lightning The Icon raises its claws in front of it, charging them with lightning. After a brief delay, it releases an orb of lightning that travels a short distance forward in the air before splitting off into 5 smaller bolts that home in on the player. The ball lightning itself will not hit you unless you jump in its path and the smaller bolts have a similar travel speed and can all be rolled through with good timing or baited into crashing in the ground.
Lightning Storm The Icon flies high up while raising its claws and charging them with lightning. After a brief moment, several lightning orbs appear randomly in the air and rain lightning in an area below them. These orbs appear and attack in a staggered fashion so watch out for them manifesting and avoid the area underneath them.
Lightning Burst The Icon raises both claws to its sides, charging them with lightning as blue rays of energy coalesce underneath the boss. It then brings its claws to the coalescence, causing it to explode in a burst of lightning, dealing damage in a medium radius around the Icon. It also moves forward a very short distance after the burst, carrying a ball of lightning that lingers underneath it for a brief moment.



Icon of Pandemonium Lore

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Icon of Pandemonium Notes & Trivia

  • After defeating the boss, exit east onto a balcony where you can loot a Treasure Pouch for the Essence of Sky key item. 
  • By defeating Icon of Pandemonium, players earn The Skylordps5 bronze trophy trophy. 
  • Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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