Inquisitor Amben is an NPC and Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Inquisitor Amben is a scholar commissioned by the Inquisition to hunt down the Mages plaguing the Alterstone Kingdom. He has developed an obsession with studying the Mages and their forbidden power. Inquisitor Amben is first encountered in Ashbourne Village, where his questline can be started.


Inquisitor Amben Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Inquisitor Amben is found in various locations but you need to find and speak to him at each one in the proper order before he moves onto the next. He is always found in a room or area filled with the kingdom's academic scrolls.

  1. Ashbourne Village: Found in a scroll room in upper Greymoss Mire. (Requires killing 3 Named Mages)
  2. Bol Gerahn: Found in a scroll room in the upper-west of the Temple of Bol Gerahn.
  3. Corvius' Mire: Found in a scroll room in the western section of the Verdant Ruins.
  4. Dreadstone Peak: Found in a scroll room in the upper-west section of Whitecrag Path (Requires the Ethercloth Bolt tool). If you've followed Inquisitor Amben's questline and have found and spoken to him at each of the major locations visited prior, he will be found in there. Once again, exhaust his dialogue and he will move to his next location in the Elder Copse.
  5. Elder Copse: Found on the rooftops of the Temple of Embers.


Quest and Details related to Inquisitor Amben in Salt and Sacrifice

Inquisitor Amben is involved in a long quest spanning nearly the entire game, requiring you to find him in each major location and exhaust his dialogue each time.

After talking to him for the very first time in Ashbourne Village, you receive the Embrace emote.


Salt and Sacrifice Inquisitor Amben Notes & Trivia

  • By completing Inquisitor Amben's Side quest, players earn The Scholar ps5 bronze trophy trophy.
  • Notes and tips about this character go here


Salt and Sacrifice Inquisitor Amben Gallery

path to inquisitor amben dreadstone peak walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guideDreadstone Peak. The path to the Dreadstone Peak scroll room.

inquisitor amben dreadstone peak location walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide Dreadstone Peak. The scroll room in upper-west Whitecrag Path where Inquisitor Amben can be found.

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