Inquisitor Selet

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Location Ashbourne Village
Bol Gerahn
Corvius' Mire
Dreadstone Peak
Role Quest NPC & Boss

Inquisitor Selet is an NPC and Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Inquisitor Selet is a soldier commissioned by the Inquisition to hunt down the Mages plaguing the Alterstone Kingdom. He is first encountered in Ashbourne Village where his questline can be started.


Inquisitor Selet Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Inquisitor Selet is found in various locations but you need to find and speak to him at each one and give him a Guiltless Shard (except for the final location) before he moves to the next. This needs to be done in the proper order:

  1. Ashbourne Village: Found at the bottom of Ashpeak Castle. (Requires the Magnesin Supply tool)
  2. Bol Gerahn: Found at the bottom of Desolate Plain in a section of the Creeping Caves.
  3. Corvius' Mire: Found at the very top of Betrayal Crag. (Requires the Luminstone tool)
  4. Dreadstone Peak: Found in a section of the Blasphemer's Vault. (Requires the Ethercloth Bolt tool)


Quest and Details related to Inquisitor Selet in Salt and Sacrifice

Inquisitor Selet is involved in a long quest spanning nearly the entire game and culminating in a Boss encounter. The persistent objective of this questline involves finding him in various locations and giving him a Guiltless Shard at each one. This item can consistently be acquired by defeating Mages, named or unnamed. You will need a total of 3 to complete the Inquisitor's questline.


Salt and Sacrifice Inquisitor Selet Notes & Trivia

  • Give Inquisitor Selet a Guiltless Shard near the bottom of Ashpeak Castle in Ashbourne Village to unlock the Squat Gesture.
  • By completing Inquisitor Selet's side quest, players earn The Nomad ps5 bronze trophy Trophy.
  • Other notes and tips about this character go here


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