Kingdom Knight

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Location Ashbourne Village
Bol Gerahn

Corvius' Mire
Dreadstone Peak
Pardoner's Vale
Role Gives hints for the main goal of each area

Kingdom Knight  is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. The Kingdom Knight is soldier of the Alterstone Kingdom that the Inquisitor will come across on their journey. He serves as a guide and will give hints on the main objective of each major location he is found in, as well as offering some backstory on events that transpired.


Kingdom Knight Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Kingdom Knight is found in various locations but you need to find and speak to him at each one in the proper order before he moves onto the next.

  1. Ashbourne Village: On top of the Gatehouse building just to the right of the starting Obelisk. Requires the Grappling Hook to reach. You will be awarded with the Vulgar Gesture.
  2. Bol Gerahn: On top of a pillar in the Forsaken Gulch, accessible by exiting west from the Creeping Caves to a cliffside and dropping down to the stairs below.
  3. Corvius' Mire: Return to the starting Obelisk after defeating Marega Gredanya and acquiring the Luminstone Inquisitor tool. Head east from it and climb up the wooden platforms above the Stone Circle to find the knight.
  4. Dreadstone Peak: Return to the first building in the Temple of Eleven complex after defeating The Two That Remain and acquiring the Ethercloth Bolt Inquisitor Tool. The knight will be found in the top left corner. Return to him after defeating Kraeaxenar and unlocking the Elder Copse to have him move to Pardoner's Vale.
  5. Pardoner's Vale: The Kingdom Knight will be found sitting next to the cat west of the village's center.



Quest and Details related to Kingdom Knight in Salt and Sacrifice

The Kingdom Knight can be found in four of the major locations players will visit, and at each one, he will provide useful hints on how to proceed with the area's main objective.


Salt and Sacrifice Kingdom Knight Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and tips about this character go here
  • By completing Kindgom Knight's Side quest, players earn The Soldier ps5 bronze trophy Trophy.


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