Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth

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Location Archridge District

Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Kundry Kahn is a Hydromancer that uses water pods as his main attack power. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth in Salt and Sacrifice. 


A shaper not only of water, but of the dark, cold suffocation that lurks in its deepest recesses. Hydromancers shed their ability to breathe the air, embracing instead a drowned existence.


Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth Information

Element and Summons




Where to find Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Can be found at Archridge District
  • Chase SequenceKundry Kahn can first be found next to the eastern Ashbourne Village Obelisk. He will then move into the Archridge District, beginning at the bottom floor and working his way up through the floors. He will eventually teleport to where his corpse was, where you initiated the hunt and then head further up. From his corpse, climb the ladder on the right, head up the platforms and jump over to the ledge on the left and re-enter the main Archridge building on the left. Inside, climb further up using the platforms and ledges and then exit to the west into a plaza with a pine tree in the middle. Fight him here for a while until he teleports one last time. You can head west from the pine tree plaza to get to the hallway with the Obelisk to set a checkpoint if you hadn't yet but beware of the swinging spiked log trap as you approach. You can roll through it to as it swings by to avoid damage. Head back into the building to the right from the pine tree plaza. and jump across the gap to find another entryway to the east where two walls are close enough to each other that you can keep wall-jumping between them to reach the rooftop where the Boss Encounter begins.


Salt and Sacrifice Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth Rewards



Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Write up

Kundry Kahn is likely one of the more difficult Mages you will face at this point as his attacks hit very hard and he has very little recovery time between each attack. At melee range, his Staff Slam is very dangerous as it has a very large hitbox owing to the shockwaves it creates around the point of impact. Do not try to roll away from this. Instead, dodge through his legs, turn around and counter with 1 or 2 hits.

When he casts Homing Bubble, make sure you are facing it and not running away as the spell has very good tracking and speed, and will easily catch up to you. Instead, dodge through the bubble to pop it early and use that split second to get one hit in if you end up close enough to the boss. Another strategy is to let the bubble fall close to the ground where it will speed towards you horizontally and you can jump over it. Perform an attack while in mid-air if you are close enough. Because the boss has very small openings, learn to maximize your efficiency by performing attacks like this while moving. This will come in handy for future bosses as well.

Aside from those small windows, your biggest opportunity to deal damage is while Kundry Kahn is casting Bubble Storm. As soon as you see him lift his staff up high with both hands, close the distance to his legs and attack relentlessly while dodging any incoming bubbles. For his Geyser Burst, it can be fairly difficult to find an opening to attack due to the randomness of the attack. You should instead focus on avoiding the geysers and wait for other openings to deal damage.

Once his health is depleted, Kundry Kahn will fall to the ground, allowing you to execute him and devour his heart, ending the encounter.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Staff Slam Kundry Kahn smashes his staff on the ground, creating a shockwave in a small radius around the impact point. This move has a deceptively large hitbox and should be dodged through, past his legs.
Geyser Burst Kundry Kahn raises one hand slowly, creating several geysers along the ground which burst after a short delay, creating pillars of water from their eruption point. Step away from the geysers to avoid damage.
Homing Bubble Kundry Kahn creates a large bubble from his staff which homes in on the player. As it gets closer to he ground, it will speed towards the player horizontally. Dodge through the bubble to pop it early and avoid damage. Alternatively, you can jump over the bubble as it approaches but make sure you are moving forward to clear the entire hitbox.
Bubble Storm Kundry Kahn raises his staff up high and swirls it around, causing dozens of bubbles to rain downwards. The bubbles follow a vertical trajectory and have very little horizontal movement. Simply watch for where they start and keep moving to dodge them.



Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth Lore

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Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth Notes & Trivia

  • By defeating Kundry Kahn, the Drowned Behemoth players earn The Hydromancerps5 bronze trophy trophy. 
  • Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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      Rolling through the big bubble is unreliable. It's better to just block it and accept the chip damage and stamina loss due to him being relatively passive as the slowest early game boss.

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        He's constantly summoning an eyeball that makes him invincible until killed and I see no mention of it on the wiki. It's making the fight dramatically harder.

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