Lock of Hair

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Item Usage
A lock of hair, bound together as a kind of keepsake.

Lock of Hair is a Key Item item in Salt and Sacrifice. Key Items are known as main important items that are necessary to progress. These Key Items include objects such as Keys and Items for Quests. These grant users access to next locations allowing them to move further within the game. They can be obtained through drops or found throughout the different Locations.



Salt and Sacrifice Lock of Hair Information

  • Item Type: Key Item
  • Use: A lock of hair, bound together as a kind of keepsake.


Where to Find Lock of Hair in Salt and Sacrifice

Players who choose Lasciviousness as their character's Crime at the Character Creation stage receive the Lock of Hair Item at the start of the game.


Lock of Hair Tips & Builds

  • Can be given to Eater Manrin in exchange for 5 Chaos Tokens. The player must Talk to him at Pardoner's Vale.
    • The player must obtain a Chaos Token first, either from Fated Mage hunts, from Invading, or from picking it up.
  • Lock of Hair is a reference to the games predecessor, Salt and Sanctuary,  where it was one of the most common upgrade materials. 


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