Materials in Salt and Sacrifice are special items obtained by harvesting the field, defeating Enemies or hunting down Mages. All collected materials can be used to create something: be it Consumables, upgrades to your Hunter Tools, Enhancements to your weapons and armor, or the Crafting of new Equipment and Display Trophies.

Some special Materials may unlock unique opportunities for crafting or enhancing, or be used for NPC quests.

All Materials in Salt and Sacrifice

Material Source Uses
Sooted Nail Pyromancer, Embered Sickle, Ashwalker  Pyromancer Set
Burned Heart Pyromancer Pyromancer Set
Ash-caked Lung Pyromancer Pyromancer Set
Gel Sac Pyromancer, Ashwalker Pyromancer Set
Magestone All Mages Enhancements
Deep Drop Hydromancer, Hydropod Hydromancer Set
Waterlogged Organ Hydromancer, Hydropod Hydromancer Set
Weeping Gland Hydromancer Hydromancer Set
Drowned Heart Hydromancer Hydromancer Set
Toxic Gut Venomancer, Gangler Hydromancer Set
Poison Heart Venomancer Hydromancer Set
Venom Gland Venomancer Hydromancer Set
Poison Drop Venomancer, Serpentid, Venomous Cluster Hydromancer Set
Icy Vein Cryomancer, Ice Wraith Cryomancer Set
Blue Finger Cryomancer, Ice Troll, Cryomancer Set
Icy Lung Cryomancer Cryomancer Set
Frozen Heart Cryomancer Cryomancer Set
Bloodberry Harvest points, Valley Bat Healing Item
Irona Ore Harvest points, Undead Watcher, Woodling Ranger, Undead Watcher Ranged Projectiles
Valley Herb Harvest points, Undead Watcher, Woodling, Woodling Brute, Woodling Ranger, Undead Watcher Healing Potions
Haze Spiral Hazeburnt Husk  
Wispleaf Harvest Points Antidote
Fine Leather    
Tender Vine    



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