Rootspoken Set

Heavy Armor Set
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Phys: 101.2 Fire: 59.8
Cold: 66.7 Poison: 48.3
Light: 50.6 Dark: 64.4
Weight: 34.5 Poise: 18.2
Amor Pieces: 4 Weapons: 1
Accesories: 0 Display Trophy: 0

Rootspoken Set is a Heavy Armor Set in Salt and Sacrifice. Rootspoken Set is composed of 4 Armor Pieces. Armor Sets provide defense to certain elements, making them specially useful against particular Mages



Where to find Rootspoken Set in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Head to Bol Gerahn. Head east until you reach a closed door. You have to defeat at least 1 mage in this region, in order to be able to open said door. Open it to access the Creeping Caves. Keep heading east until you are not able to do it, turn to the left and use the zipline. Head left and continue heading down and left until you reach the three identical vertical platforms. Drop down and jump from left to right and use the hook three times. You will reach a platform that has a lantern on it. Jump to the right, and you will be outside again. Head west until you will find a chest, containing the 4 armor pieces.



Materials needed to craft Rootspoken Set

  • Can't be crafted.



Rootspoken Set Pieces in Salt and Sacrifice






Display Trophy



Rootspoken Set Notes and Tips in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Notes & Tips go here


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