Salt Cluster

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A rich cluster of Salt, the pale and jagged remnant of some celestial violence. Crush it to gain experience.

Salt Cluster is a Consumable item in Salt and Sacrifice. Consumables are known as pershiable items with limited uses, usually consumed to gain temporary buffs and benefits or replenish any lost stats. These items will stack up in the inventory. Once used, players will gain its effects and the item may deplete. Items classified as consumables include food items, bombs and potions. These items are usually obtained from either enemy drops, picked up from bushes and shrubs, found in various locations in chests when looting, or obtained from other NPCs. Replenish health and focus, consumables and materials at an Obelisk.


Salt and Sacrifice Salt Cluster Information 

  • Item Type: Consumable
  • Description: A rich cluster of Salt, the pale and jagged remnant of some celestial violence. Crush it to gain experience.


Where to Find Salt Cluster in Salt and Sacrifice

Salt Cluster can be randomly found inside Treasure Satchels and Bags of Supplies throughout the game.

  • Dreadstone Peak:
    • From The Falling Star Skyship's main deck, climb up the platforms near the door on the west side and make your way to the upper west towards the stern of the ship. Past a Skyswept Enforcer you'll find a Treasure Pouch containing 3x Frospyr Cluster and a Salt Cluster.
    • Inside a Treasure Pouch in The Sentinel Caves. From the Obelisk next to the entrance to the caves, climb the platform above, then climb the wooden platform's first level. Use the grappling point on the right to get to the ledge on the upper right, and follow the steps up in order to wall-jump and reach the next floor in the upper left. Continue west to another wooden platform, and you'll find the Treasure Pouch containing a Salt Cluster and 3x Voidepyr Cluster.


Salt Cluster Tips & Builds

  •   Use it to gain 5000 Salt.


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