Sapblood Heart

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Location Corvius' Mire

Sapblood Heart is a Boss in Salt and SacrificeBosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat Sapblood Heart in Salt and Sacrifice. 


The heart of the Great Tree. It pumps sapblood throughout the living monument, but shades of long-dead wickedness now cling to it.


Where to find Sapblood Heart in Salt and Sacrifice

  • The Sapblood Heart can be found in Corvius' Mire, at the very top of The Great Tree which can be accessed from either side of the starting Obelisk after defeating 1 Named Mage, defeating Marega Gredanya in the Foulmurk Marsh and acquiring the Luminstone Inquisitor Tool.


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Sapblood Heart Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

The Sapblood Heart will spend the majority of the fight chained to the center of the arena via the arteries on either side. It will periodically get unleashed for very short periods to perform its Spectral Blast attack. In this battle, time is of the essence as the Sapblood Heart will continually summon Spectral Aberrations to harass the player. These cannot be attacked and will float around the arena, shooting projectiles at the player. While one or two shouldn't pose too much of a problem, they seem to remain in the fight for a very long time, only disappearing on their own sometimes so you could be dealing with up to 5 at once if you take too long to defeat the boss. Ensure you are consistently dealing damage by throwing at least one attack as you dodge the Aberrations' projectiles.

Once the boss' HP dips below 50%, it can Unleash itself from the arteries for extended periods and begin using deadly melee attacks on top of the rest of its moveset. Your priority is to always try to get behind him and retaliate with single hits to quickly whittle his health down. Keep watch for its Spectral Blast telegraphs as these attacks can be devastating at this point of the encounter where you will likely be dealing with 3 or more Aberrations.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Spectral Aberration The Sapblood Heart's main form of attack is summoning spectral beings that float around and shoot a projectile at the player. These projectiles have slight homing and are easily avoided by rolling or jumping over them. The aberrations cannot be attacked and will sometimes disappear on their own but the longer the fight draws on, the Heart will summon more and more of these beings and managing their projectiles can get troublesome.
Spectral Blast The Sapblood Heart will periodically get released from the arteries holding it up and it will perform a large shockwave attack emanating from its whole body. It can perform two versions of this attack. The first is a blast that travels almost the entire length of the arena but can be rolled through with good timing. Otherwise, get behind the opponent as it charges the attack. This is telegraphed by the charge up and the direction the heart is facing. The second variation is a radial blast that releases the shock wave in a large radius around the enemy and is telegraphed by it standing in a neutral orientation with the charge-up concentrating into the center of its body. This can again be dodged with good timing on your roll. Otherwise, run far away before the blast goes off. Note that the Heartblood Sap will often follow any of these attacks up with a quick smash with its armblade.
Unleash Below 50% HP, the Sapblood Heart can release itself from the arteries for an extended period, allowing it to walk and dash around the arena, allowing it to use any of the above attacks as well as several melee-oriented moves:
Armblade Slash Used while Unleashed. Teleraphed by the creature raising its armblade up high and then slashing downwards in a large arc after a short delay. This attack can be avoided by creating distance or rolling through but beware of a second follow-up slash.
Armblade Plunge Used while Unleashed. The creature plunges its blade into the ground and then pulls it out violently, sending debris traveling along the ground in front of it. Both animations will can hit players and deal damage but can be avoided by creating distance or dodging through. The debris wave can be jumped over.
Wild Dash Used while Unleashed. The creature dashes a good distance in front of it, trampling the player on contact. This attack can be rolled through as the monster approaches.



Sapblood Heart Lore

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Sapblood Heart Notes & Trivia

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  • By defeating Sapblood Heart, players earn The Treeheartps5 bronze trophy trophy. 
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