Sheriff Inquisitor Kier

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Location Bol Gerahn
Pardoner's Vale
Role Merchant

Sheriff Inquisitor Kier is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Sheriff Inquisitor Kier is a member of the Sheriff Inquisition Faction and also serves as a purveyor of special equipment and other items. He is initially found at Bol Gerahn, tracking a Blueheart Runner when the Inquisitor happens upon him. He asks if they would like to join the hunt against the discord-sowing profiteers.


Sheriff Inquisitor Kier Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Sheriff Inquisitor Kier can initially be found in the Unclean Oasis sub-area of Bol Gerahn.

  • The Unclean Oasis can be found by following the main campaign and ascending the Temple of Bol Gerahn a few levels after defeating The Tireless Exalted. Shortly after, you will find a gate on the east side with a lever next to it. Pull the lever to open the gate to the sub-area.
  • You will find an Obelisk right by the gate and if you continue heading east, you will come across a bridge made up of rickety platforms. Make your way across the bridge and about halfway through, drop down onto the ruins below where Sheriff Inquisitor Kier is standing.
  • After speaking to him here and answering 'Yes' to his question, you will receive the Bow gesture and Sheriff Inquisitor Kier will move to Pardoner's Vale


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The Sheriff Inquisitor in Bol Gerahn

For an in-depth guide, see the Bol Gerahn Walkthrough page.

  • This NPC moves; After exhausting Kier's dialogue in the Unclean Oasis and answering "Yes" to his question, he will move to Pardoner's Vale permanently where you will unlock him as a Merchant. You can find him there at the Treacher's Grotto underneath the village.
  • Speaking to him for the first time at Pardoner's Vale, he will give you the Tealfeather Amulet which is used to engage in Sheriff Inquisition activities.


Salt and Sacrifice Sheriff Inquisitor Kier Shop


Quest and Details related to Sheriff Inquisitor Kier in Salt and Sacrifice

Finding and talking to Sheriff Inquisitor Kier at the Unclean Oasis unlocks:


Salt and Sacrifice Sheriff Inquisitor Kier Notes & Trivia

  • By joining the Sheriff Inquisition, players unlock the Sheriff Inquisitors ps5 bronze trophy trophy.
  • Notes and tips about this character go here



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