Shimmering Bud

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The glowing red bud of a rare Ossenleigh Valley flower. It emanates a sort of warm energy. Can be used to upgrade tools.

Shimmering Bud is a Hunter Tool item in Salt and Sacrifice. Hunter Tools are special Consumable Items that players can craft while exploring by using materials. 


Salt and Sacrifice Shimmering Bud Information

  • Item Type: Tool Upgrade Material
  • Description: The glowing red bud of a rare Ossenleigh Valley flower. It emanates a sort of warm energy. Can be used to upgrade tools.


Where to Find Shimmering Bud in Salt and Sacrifice

Shimmering Bud can be randomly found inside Treasure Satchels and Bags of Supplies throughout the game.

  • Ashbourne Village:
    • Stonehall Dungeon is another sub-area of Ashbourne Village. To get there, you first need to have defeated at least 2 Named Mages and devoured their hearts. Head to the Craterstone Mines using the lower-west entrance from Greymoss Mire. From the entrance, grapple up to the ledge above the locked gate and continue east to the mage-sealed door and unlock it. As soon as you enter, you will see an Undead Guard atop a wooden platform on the right. Defeat it and loot the Treasure Chest underneath the platform for a Shimmering Bud
  • Bol Gerahn:
    • Praying Giants sub-area. From the Obelisk, head west to get back onto the tree and then climb up the two ladders. At the top of the second one, there is a platform you can jump to on the right with a glowing Treasure Pouch containing a Shimmering Bud
    • A Shimmering Bud can be found inside a Treasure Chest within the Creeping Caves sub-area.
  • Corvius' Mire:
    • Verdant Ruins: Follow the path west and to the bottom to find a scroll room with a Treasure Pouch containing a Shimmering Bud.
  • Dreadstone Peak:
    • Sentinel Caves sub-ares. From the Obelisk next to the entrance to the caves, climb the platform above, then climb the wooden platform's first level. Use the grappling point on the right to get to the ledge on the upper right, and follow the steps up in order to wall-jump and reach the next floor in the upper left. Continue west to another wooden platform, and you'll find the Treasure Pouch containing a Salt Cluster and 3x Voidepyr Cluster. If you continue on to the ledge in the upper right, past the Rimereader Enemy, you'll find a ladder behind of which is a mining node and another Treasure Pouch containing a Shimmering Bud.
  • Elder Copse:
    • Found inside a Treasure Chest located near the location where you fight the Icon of Pandemonium Boss. From the last Obelisk leading to Icon of Pandemonium, make your way to the balcony located east and ride the Pulley. Descend the next area towards the east, where you can find another Pulley. Ride this Pulley down to the lower east and loot the Treasure Chest to find a Shimmering Bud.

    • The Temple of Embers: Can be found at the lower west. Loot the Treasure Chest on this ledge for a Shimmering Bud.


Shimmering Bud Tips & Builds

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runed mace walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guideA Treasure Chest in Bol Gerahn containing a Shimmering Bud and the Runed Mace.



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