Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion

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Location Bol Gerahn

Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Sto'h Karrig is a Terramancer of stone and earth. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion in Salt and Sacrifice. 


A mountainous shaper of stone and earth, the roots within and the vegetation that emerges. Terramancers tend to be stubborn above all, unyielding to adversity of any kind.


Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion Information

Element and Summons




Where to find Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion in Salt and Sacrifice

Chase Sequence:

Note that you may encounter unnamed versions of Mages you've fought previously while hunting down Sto'h Karrig. They are inconsequential and serve only to distract you but they can drop their crafting materials if you choose to go after them. From the hunt's initiation point, head east and take the upper path then head up the ladder to the large area with a green pillar to the very east. Fight Sto'h Karrig here for a while and he will teleport to the lower east. Head back down the ladder you climbed up and head directly east from it. You will find Sto'h Karrig next to a green wooden bridge. He will then teleport to the lower west. Simply drop down from the bridge and head into the pit to the left. Fight him here for a while until he teleports again. Head up the stairs to the west and up the ladder. Watch out for the swinging spike trap and continue on to find Sto'h Karrig near his hunt's initiation point. After this, head out into the Forsaken Gulch area to the west and drop down to the area next to the cave with the Obelisk. After fighting him here, he will teleport one last time further west where the Boss Fight will begin.


Salt and Sacrifice Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion Rewards


Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Sto'h Karrig is not particularly difficult, but depending on your upgrades and level, he can hit quite hard. Almost all his attacks can be avoided by jumping or rolling behind him. Ranged attacks as particularly effective as Sto'h Karrig tends to close the distance before attacking but has a very slow, lumbering walk. Run away from him and pelt him with your ranged weapons as he slowly walks towards you.

The best window for attacking Sto'h Karrig is during his Rock Barrage move. This attack fires in a diagonal path towards the ground in front of him and the area directly in front of his legs is completely safe. Making your way to his legs while he casts the spell will allow you to get at least 3 hits in and even more with faster weapons. For his Geo Punch move, there is a small window while he raises his fist where you can roll towards his back, completely avoiding the jagged rocks and allowing you to get a couple hits in. The Geo Stomp move has a similar obvious telegraph with the raising of his leg, also allowing you to get behind him and punish the mage.

After depleting his HP, Sto'h Karrig falls to his knees, allowing you to devour his heart and end the encounter.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Ground Pound Sto'h Karig's basic melee attack involves smashing the ground with his fist. Very easy to avoid by dodging through or away from him.
Dash Punch Sto'h Karig dashes a short distance forward while holding his fist in a low stance. The fist can be jumped over and the rest of his body does not have a hitbox during this move.
Leaping Smash Sto'h Karig leaps a short distance and smashes with his fists upon landing. Be careful as he can quickly turn around during the landing, aiming his fists in the exact opposite direction he leaps from. Move away from him as he leaps.
Geo Punch Sto'h Karig raises a fist up high and then punches the ground, sending jagged rocks bursting out of the ground horizontally in front of him. The rocks are only slightly taller than the player and can be jumped over if timed properly.
Geo Stomp Sto'h Karig raises one leg up and violently stomps the ground after a short delay, sending jagged rocks jutting outward from the point of impact. Dodge behind him to avoid the attack.
Rock Barrage Sto'h Karrig raises one arm high up behind him, gathering a cluster of small rocks which he then sends flying towards the player. These rocks can be dodged through, jumped over or you can run away from them if there's enough space as they will hit the ground and collapse if baited a good enough distance away.
Rock Crush Sto'h Karrig summons a large rock in between his two hands and then brings his hands together after a short delay, crushing the rock and sending a wave of dust and debris out in a small radius around him. Simply stay away from the radius to avoid damage.



Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion Lore

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Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion Notes & Trivia

  • After defeating Sto'h Karig, speak to his dying human form for some backstory and pick up your loot which includes more of his crafting materials as well as a Carved Feline and Twin Ashpyr. Directly above his boss arena, you will find a sealed door that you can now unlock, having devoured 2 Mage Hearts in the area. This door leads to the Temple of Bol Gerahn sub-area.
  • By defeating Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion players earn The Terramancerps5 bronze trophy trophy. 
  • Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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