Sunlight Knight Beatrice

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Location Ashbourne Village
Pardoner's Vale
Role Merchant

Sunlight Knight Beatrice is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Sunlight Knight Beatrice is a member of the FDawnlight Cooperators faction and also serves as a purveyor of special equipment and items. She is initially found in a hidden area high above the Greymoss Mire in Ashbourne Village and will later move to Pardoner's Vale.


Sunlight Knight Beatrice Location in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Sunlight Knight Beatrice can be found at Ashbourne Village. After devouring one Named Mage's Heart, head east from the main Ashbourne Village Obelisk towards the gatehouse and take the path beneath its eastern exit. This leads to a mage-sealed door which you can now unlock. It will take you to a cave below. Inside, drop down the ladder to find two paths. The path on the right is a shortcut to the upper-western section of the Craterstone Mines while the path on the left leads to an otherwise unreachable location above Greymoss Mire. Head for this left path and climb up the wooden platform. From here, you can use your Grappling Hook to reach a platform further west where you will meet Sunlight Knight Beatrice

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    Sunlight Knight Beatrice found by grappling over to the western section of this hidden area


  • This NPC moves. After exhausting Beatrice's first dialogue, you will unlock the Solidarity gesture and she will move to Pardoner's Vale where you will unlock her as a Merchant. To find her there, head inside the first door you find while running west from the Mirrorgate.


Salt and Sacrifice Sunlight Knight Beatrice Shop


Quest and Details related to Sunlight Knight Beatrice in Salt and Sacrifice

Finding and talking to Sunlight Knight Beatrice in Greymoss Mire unlocks:


Salt and Sacrifice Sunlight Knight Beatrice Notes & Trivia

  • Sunlight Knight Beatrice can be interacted and have a dialogue with if the player has chosen Heresy as their Character's Sin.
  • By joining the Dawnlight Orders, players unlock the Dawnlight Order ps5 bronze trophy trophy.
  • Other notes and tips about this character go here



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