The Hate-Cursed Matriarch

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Location Bol Gerahn

The Hate-Cursed Matriarch is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. The Hate-Cursed Matriarch is a vestige of Karisite power struggles. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat The Hate-Cursed Matriarch in Salt and Sacrifice. 


 A vestige of Karisite power struggles. As the baronesses hold dominion over their people, the matriarch did too, long ago. Shunned, she persists, trapped in a painful miasma of hatred.


Where to find The Hate-Cursed Matriarch in Salt and Sacrifice

  • The Hate-Cursed Matriarch can be found in Bol Gerahn, in the Praying Giants sub-area above Desolate Plain. Her arena can be reached by climbing the first giant tree in the area and continuing west past the Obelisk.


Salt and Sacrifice The Hate-Cursed Matriarch Rewards



The Hate-Cursed Matriarch Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

The Hate-Cursed Matriarch is large human/spider hybrid equipped with a glaive weapon. She uses powerful lightning magic and can combo players relentlessly. Success in this fight hinges on your ability to quickly get behind her and recognize all her different lightning spell patterns and telegraphs. Nearly all of her moveset can be avoided and punished by getting behind her.

Her most dangerous move by far is the Lightning Storm but it is also the most highly telegraphed as she twirls her glaive several times before casting the spell. She is vulnerable during this wind-up and it is also the best opportunity to get behind her to not only completely avoid the attack but to also get several hits in. Alternatively, if you are too far away from her when the attack begins, prepare to roll through the columns of lightning as they form. Be warned as getting caught by a lightning column can result in certain death due to the cascading nature of the attack, allowing each successive column to hit, dealing immense damage.

Her Lightning Bolts attack only hits in front of her and can easily be punished similar to the storm by getting behind her as she winds-up. It has a shorter recovery so don't get too greedy with your attacks. Be careful not to overcommit to attacking her as she can quickly retaliate with Lightning Burst. While this move does not do much damage, it has a very quick recovery time and a clean hit will knock you down, setting you up for other follow-ups such as her basic glaive strike, which does quite a good amount of damage.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Glaive Strike The Matriarch performs a powerful overhead slash with her glaive. No special properties, but it can hit quite hard. Dodge through and behind the boss to avoid.
Stomp The Matriarch leaps towards the player and stomps downwards with her legs. You can dodge under her as she is in the air.
Lightning Bolts The Matriarch twirls her glaive once and holds it upwards with both hands as lightning forms on the blade, shooting several bolts outwards in a diagonal cone in front of her after a short delay. Dodge through her to avoid the attack.
Lightning Storm The Matriarch twirls her glaive up high several times as lightning forms on the blade. She then plunges it down to her side, sending several columns of lightning cascading outwards in front of her. Get behind her as she's twirling her glaive to completely avoid the attack. Alternatively, you can dodge through the lightning columns with precise roll timing.
Lightning Burst The Matriarch raises her glaive slowly with one hand while lightning forms on the blade, culminating in a burst of lightning in a medium radius around her. Can be avoided with a perfectly timed dodge or by simply running away from her.



The Hate-Cursed Matriarch Lore

A vestige of Karisite power struggles. As the baronesses hold dominion over their people, the matriarch did too, long ago. Shunned, she persists, trapped in a painful miasma of hatred.

The Hate-Cursed Matriarch Notes & Trivia

  • Defeating the Matriarch allows you to go further west and your next goal should be to obtain another tool that will help with traversal and unlocking even more areas.
  • By defeating The Hate-Cursed Matriarch, players earn The Matriarchps5 bronze trophy trophy. 
  • Other notes and tips go here.



The Hate-Cursed Matriarch Image Gallery

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