The Two That Remain

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Location Dreadstone Peak

The Two That Remain is a Boss in Salt and SacrificeThe Two That Remain are a minotaur warrior wielding a large battle axe and a female knight clad in golden armor wielding a greatsword. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat The Two That Remain in Salt and Sacrifice. 


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Where to find The Two That Remain in Salt and Sacrifice

  • The Two That Remain can be found at the Temple of ElevenDreadstone Peak.


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The Two That Remain Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

This is a duo boss fight against Ouros, the Living Will, a minotaur warrior wielding a large battle axe and  Tenur, Valorous Blade, a female knight clad in golden armor and wielding a greatsword. The most difficult aspect of this fight is that they will simultaneously attack and perform their moves while constantly attempting to sandwich you between the two of them. However, these two warriors share a single health bar and there is no need to focus on one or the other.

Both bosses have leaping attacks as well as retreating moves which they will constantly use to reposition around the arena. The most dangerous position you can be in is between the both of them while they are close to each other. Try to constantly manipulate their positioning by rolling behind one of them. Neither warrior is faster than the other and both telegraph their moves, nearly all of which have a brief delay before going off. Learn their telegraphs and attack patterns so you can effectively dodge and retaliate. Do not get greedy with your strikes. Keep it to 1-2 hits at most throughout the fight. You will not get a good window for more due to the nature of the encounter.

When their health bar dips below 50%, be on the lookout for Ouros' Runic Explosion attack as it has a very large hitbox and hits very hard. When you see the runes appear, get as far away as possible. Dodge behind him if necessary but do not let your guard down as Tenur can quickly apply pressure with her special Blazing Fist move as well.

Once their HP is depleted, the boss you hit last will get vanquished but you will need to land one last hit on the remaining one to end the encounter.


Tenur, Valorous Blade (Slender Knight)

Attack Counter
Axe Smash Ouros holds his battle axe up high and then performs a slow, powerful strike in a downwards arc in front of him.
Skyward Cleave Ouros holds his battle axe behind him. After a short delay, he violently slashes upwards in front of him, sending players flying if the attack connects. Dodge through and behind him before the attack goes off.
Axe Stab Ouros holds his battle axe diagonally over his waist and then stabs with the top of the axe head. This attack can be rolled through.
Leaping Strike Ouros leaps towards his target, smashing with his battle axe as he lands. Roll underneath the minotaur or time your i-frame through the attack.
Disengage Ouros leaps away and smashes the ground with the butt of his axe. He can also use this move offensively. Simply avoid his landing zone.
Charging Bull Ouros holds his battle axe with the axe head pointing diagonally at the ground. After a brief moment, he performs a mad dash across the screen, trampling the player on contact. Requires very precise dodge roll timing to avoid.
Runic Explosion Only used below 50% HP. Ouros plunges his axe head-first into the ground, creating a set of runes in a block formation in the air. After a short delay, the runes explode, dealing heavy damage in the zone. Get out of the area as soon as you see the runes come up.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Wide Slash Tenur holds her sword with one hand to her waist on the opposite side and then performs a wide slash in front of her. Basic attack that can easily be rolled through.
Helmsplitter Tenur holds her sword up high with both hands and performs a quick overhead slash after a brief delay. Roll through and get behind her.
Skyward Cleave Similar to Ouros' version, Tenur holds her sword behind her and then violently slashes upwards after a brief delay. Dodge through her when you see her hold the sword this way. Otherwise, create distance between you two.
Advancing Kick  Tenur quickly kicks with one leg while moving forward. She will sometimes use this move to follow-up her repositioning leaps. Roll through her as she approaches.
Retreating Thrust Tenur leaps backwards a medium distance and then thrusts forward with her sword after a brief delay. Avoid following her during the leap and the attack should not hit you. Otherwise, simply roll through it.
Reposition Tenur leaps a great distance to reposition in a different location in the arena. She deals damage and knocks players away upon landing but she will rarely use this move offensively like so. Avoid being in her landing zone.
Blazing Fist Only used below 50% HP. Tenur performs a high leap straight up as her fist glows white-hot. She then throws a fiery projectile diagonally at the player. Quickly run or roll forward to avoid the projectile. She will sometimes throw two projectiles in rapid succession.


The Two That Remain Lore

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The Two That Remain Notes & Trivia

  • By defeating The Two that Remain players earn The Two Monksps5 bronze trophy trophy. 
  • Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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