Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade

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Location Bol Gerahn

Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade is a profane Sanguimancer. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in preparparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade in Salt and Sacrifice.


Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade Information



"There is sacred magic in the blood that flows through every vein, and tampering with such magic is profanity. Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade is guilty of this crime. The sanguimancer’s heart, rich with pilfered blood, must be devoured."


Element and Summons

This boss has the ability to summon:




Where to find Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade can be found in Bol Gerahn.

After commencing his hunt, Ture Vasari can be found right outside the dungeon, on the bottom level of the Temple. After this, it's a straightforward chase as he ascends the Temple. He will teleport a few floors above just outside the entrance to the sewers where the Corvius' Mire guard was found. After fighting him there, go through the sewers and exit through the path at the top past the Corvius' Mire guard as the Mage will be found just outside and to the right. Fight him there and his next teleport spot will be at the Temple's throne, just a couple floors above. Finally, exit out to the east of the throne room and climb up the balconies to reach the Temple's upper section where the Boss Fight will commence.


Salt and Sacrifice Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade Rewards


Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

The main difficulty of fighting Ture Vasari is dealing with both variants of his Flèche Combo, which is extremely aggressive, quick and has a very long travel distance. The safest way to avoid these attacks is to run away and stay ahead of his rapier strikes, and then roll through the upward sweep ending move as there is a brief break before he performs it. Depending on the move he uses next, you may have time for a single hit after rolling through.  When dealing with the Sanguine variant of the move, you can dash ahead as he charges up, hugging his knees while attacking. The blood stream will not hit you from this range but watch out for the incoming Flèche Combo. Disengage as soon as he leaps backwards and run in the opposite direction, waiting to roll through the upward sweep.

He will rarely use his Tendril Stab move but when he does, beware of rolling through the first hit as he will quickly turn around to perform the second hit which comes out very quickly. Keep moving away from him as you roll through. His Leaping Thrust attack also hits twice, once during the leap and then again as he lands. This move has a very long recovery time as he resheathes is rapier after landing so ensure you are rolling through the leaping motion and running back towards him to retaliate. You can easily get 3 or more hits with most weapons this way if you are quick.

His Electrified Blood move, while not dealing much damage, can stagger you and leave you open to his rapier combos and other attacks. The casting animation is quite long and you can make use of this time to attack him once or twice before rolling through. The blood globules and their electric link have varying patterns and you should keep a careful lookout for them and dodge accordingly.

Finally, try to play aggressively when you get his patterns down. Ture Vasari is relatively easy to stagger with consistent hits and you may get him in a special stagger animation where his eye glistens similar to a grappling point, allowing you to grapple to his head and perform a powerful knife attack. You can follow this up with a falling attack for even more damage.

Once you deplete his health, the Mage will collapse to the ground, allowing you to devour his heart and end the encounter.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Flèche Combo Ture Vasari leaps backwards as he unsheathes his rapier. He then proceeds to perform a violent combo with repeated rapier strikes while advancing. This combo ends in an upwards sweep. This move will hit several times and can quickly shred your health if the full combo connects. To avoid this attack, you need to either roll behind him just as the attack begins or run away as he advances and wait for the short break before he performs the upwards sweep which can easily be rolled through.
Sanguine Flèche Combo Ture Vasari grasps the handle of his rapier as it glows a bright red. After a brief delay, he unsheathes the rapier, releasing a long, horizontal stream of blood in front of him which deals a small amount of damage and has a very strong knockback. He then quickly follows up with the Flèche Combo. You can avoid this move the same way you would avoid the regular Flèche Combo except you also need to dodge the blood stream. Note that the blood stream will not hit you if you hug his legs.
Leaping Thrust Ture Vasari graps the handle of his rapier while bending his knees slightly. He then leaps forward a good distance and performs a diagonal stab as he lands. Note that the leaping motion will also deal damage as the Mage leads with his knee. Roll through the leap to avoid the attack completely.
Tendril Stab Ture Vasari leans forward and stabs at the ground in front of him using the two tendrils on his shoulders, quickly repeating the move a second time. This move does not have much forward movement but the Mage can change directions during the second hit so be wary of rolling through.
Electrified Blood Ture Vasari holds his hands to the sides of his waist as they glow a bright red. He slowly raises them as three sets of two blood globules, each connected by red electricity appear in the air. These appear and move in the air in varying patterns, dealing damage on contact. The blood globules and electric link can be dodged through but keep careful watch of their patterns as well as any other attacks the Mage might be doing.



Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade Lore

There is sacred magic in the blood that flows through every vein, and tampering with such magic is profanity. Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade is guilty of this crime. The sanguimancer’s heart, rich with pilfered blood, must be devoured.


Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade Notes & Trivia

  • Upon defeating the mage, speak to his dying human form for some backstory and collect your extra loot, including an Emerald Feather.
  • By defeating Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade, players earn The Sanguimancerps5 bronze trophy trophy. 
  • Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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    • Anonymous

      How in the name of anything is this mess a Tier 12? His Flèche Combo is just busted. He is relentless and apparently has a whole bunch of poise as well. I ran into him at level 60. I had to grind all the way to 110 (thank god for Fated Hunts) so I could pump my endurance just to stack as much Dark defence as I could with the Deep set and still roll as well as pump my strength.

      I ended up just chucking every Decoction and Fire Bomb I had at him and only getting into melee range when I was out.

      He kind of reminds me of the Nameless God from Salt and Sanctuary but at least THAT ONE could occasionally have his poise broken.

      • Anonymous

        I just came here to see if anyone else thought this boss was absurd. Hardest fight in the game for me at the moment. He is just too aggressive and hits too hard for me to do anything.

        • Anonymous

          Well the game was pretty fun despite the critics up until this boss, I didn’t have many problems on anything until this guy, way too OP, I’m a souls vet and platinumed S&S. There’s literally nothing fun or enjoyable about this fight, as the other poster said even his minions are juiced up, maybe I’m underleveled (56) but I had to quit and save this one for another day

          • Anonymous

            Maybe I'm just caught up in the moment but this guy represents some serious failure at mid-game balance. That Flèche combo is absurd. The ability to turn for the final fast hit and the strength of that hit is just way, way too much. One, single move makes this much more difficult than it should be in the balance and growth of the rest of the game leading up to him. Much worse than the status effect insta-death you faced earlier. Much worse than the different resistances and weapons specializations you might deal with from earlier bosses. Just awful.

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