Verdantvoice Trista

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Location Pardoner's Vale
Role Tools Upgrade

Verdantvoice Trista is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Verdantvoice Trista is the village Apothecary in Pardoner's Vale. She provides crafting and upgrade services for the player's Hunter Tools when supplied with the appropriate resources.


Verdantvoice Trista Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Verdantvoice Trista can be found at Pardoner's Vale, down the steps east of Champion Hera.

  • This NPC moves/does not move


Quest and Details related to Verdantvoice Trista in Salt and Sacrifice

Verdantvoice Trista and her Apothecary's Tools Table is where you can upgrade your tools such as the Hearthen Flask, as well as your ammunition.

Once you have acquired a new Resource, talking to her will cause her to craft the corresponding Hunter Tools such as the Haze Decoction, Phlogiston Decoction, Frostvein Decoction and more. These items are used to deal elemental damage as well as apply various effects in combat. Once Trista crafts one of these items for you, the recipe is unlocked and you can craft them yourself at her table.


Salt and Sacrifice Verdantvoice Trista Notes & Trivia

  • Directly underneath the steps leading to Verdantvoice Trista, there is an access tunnel where you'll find a chest containing 3x Valley Herb and 5x Irona Ore. There are also crystal clusters along the eastern walls in the floors below where you can mine ores. These respawn every time you return to Pardoner's Vale. There is also a path here that leads to the Mirrorgate.
  • There are three trophies associated to Verdantvoice Trista: 
    • ps5 bronze trophyStock Up: Create your first potion.
    • ps5 silver trophyTop Shelf: Upgrade all potions, salves, and decoctions to their maximum level.
    • ps5 silver trophyWell Stocked: craft every possible potion, salve, and decoction in the Inquisition's arsenal.
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