Voidepyr Cluster

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A cluster of purified Magic cores encased in dusky stone. Use it to enhance equipment.

Voidepyr Cluster is an Upgrade Material item in Salt and Sacrifice. Upgrade Materials are special items obtained by slaing Mages and their Minions. Each Mage and its monions has a specific set of equipment directly related to the Upgrade Materials it drops and is always composed of a combination of an Armor Set, a varierty of Weapons, One Ring, One Amulet, One Dagger, and a Display Trophy. Players can farm Mages for Upgrade Materials by searching them on the map or by completing Mage Hunts or daily Fated Hunts.


Where to Find Voidepyr Cluster in Salt and Sacrifice

Voidepyr Cluster can be obtained as Quest Rewards or found inside the many Supply Bags that you come across throughout the game.

  • Dreadstone Peak:
    • Inside a Treasure Pouch in The Sentinel Caves. From the Obelisk next to the entrance to the caves, climb the platform above, then climb the wooden platform's first level. Use the grappling point on the right to get to the ledge on the upper right, and follow the steps up in order to wall-jump and reach the next floor in the upper left. Continue west to another wooden platform, and you'll find the Treasure Pouch containing a Salt Cluster and 3x Voidepyr Cluster.

Voidepyr Cluster can be obtained by breaking down a higher level material by selection Split Pyrstone when talking to the Artifact Merchant, at Pardoner's Vale.


Salt and Sacrifice Voidepyr Cluster Information 

  • Item Type: Upgrade Materials
  • Description: A cluster of purified Magic cores encased in dusky stone. Use it to enhance equipment.


Voidepyr Cluster Tips & Builds

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