Warpsmith Zakie

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Location Pardoner's Vale
Role Village Blacksmith

Warpsmith Zakie is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Warpsmith Zakie serves as the village Blacksmith at Pardoner's Vale, in charge of overseeing the forge and upgrade tables where weapons, armor and other equipment can be crafted and improved by using materials obtained from the various Mages players will encounter on their adventure.


Warpsmith Zakie Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Warpsmith Zakie can be found at Pardoner's Vale, directly west and below the cliffs from Shanna's tent.

  • This NPC moves/does not move


Quest and Details related to Warpsmith Zakie in Salt and Sacrifice

Upon first interaction, Warpsmith Zakie will tell you to speak to Champion Hera at the center of the village.


Salt and Sacrifice Warpsmith Zakie Notes & Trivia

  • There are two trophies related to Warpsmith Zakie:
    • ps5 bronze trophyWaste Not: Create a piece of gear from the Materials dropped from a defeated mage.
    • ps5 silver trophyWant Not:  Upgrade a piece of equipment to the max level.



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