Watcher Oman

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Location Corvius' Mire
Pardoner's Vale
Role Merchant

Watcher Oman is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Watcher Oman is a member of the Oathbound Watchers faction and also serves as a purveyor of special equipment and items. He is initially found in Corvius' Mire, looking for aid in the destruction of a group of rogue Inquisitors and will later move to Pardoner's Vale.


Watcher Oman Location in Salt and Sacrifice


Watcher Oman is initially found in Corvius' Mire, on top of a tall wooden platform in the main area west of The Great Tree.

  • In order to reach him, you must first defeat Marega Gredanya in the Foulmurk Marsh sub-area and acquire the Luminstone Inquisitor Tool.
  • Once the prerequisites are met, return to the starting Obelisk and head west. Climb up the wooden platforms to find one with a Stone Circle. Activate it to create a path to The Great Tree on the right, but instead of going there, use the luminous grappling points created in the upper left to navigate your way to the tallest platform in the area.
  • Speak to Watcher Oman atop the aforementioned platform and answer "Yes" to his question to have him move to Pardoner's Vale where he will offer his Merchant services.
  • In Pardoner's Vale, he can be found atop a wooden watchtower west of the Trifaul Idol and right next to where Shopkeeper Arnald has set up shop. Speaking to him for the first time here, he will gift you with the Oathwrit Amulet used to partake in Oathbound Intervention PVP activities.


oathbound watcher corvius mire walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

Luminous grappling points leading up to Watcher Oman in western Corvius' Mire

watcher oman npc salt and sacrifice wiki guide 300px

Watcher Oman found atop his tower in upper-west Pardoner's Vale


Salt and Sacrifice Watcher Oman Shop


Quest and Details related to Watcher Oman in Salt and Sacrifice

Finding and talking to Watcher Oman in Corvius' Mire will unlock the following:

  • Oathbound Interventions, a type of PVP activity.
  • Watcher Oman's Merchant services in Pardoner's Vale. Find him atop the tower west of the Trifaul Idol.


Salt and Sacrifice Watcher Oman Notes & Trivia

  • By joining the Oathbound Watchers, players unlock the Oathbound Watchers ps5 bronze trophy trophy.
  • Notes and tips about this character go here


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