Controls for Salt and Sacrifice consists of an overview of the game's mechanism and its corresponding action for each platform. Listed below are the details for the PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.


Salt and Sacrifice Controls


Keyboard and Mouse Controls
Joystick Controls


Keyboard and Mouse Controls

  • Left: A
  • Right: D
  • Up: W
  • Down: A
  • Attack: Left Click
  • Strong: Right Click
  • Switch Weapon: R
  • Jump: Space
  • Interact: C
  • Dodge: Left Shift
  • Sprint: Left Alt
  • Block. Left Control / Middle Mouse
  • Ranged Weapon: Tab
  • Inventory: I
  • Use Item: F
  • Previous Item: Q
  • Next Item: E
  • Gestures Menu: G
  • Look Left: Left
  • Look Right: Right
  • Look Up: Up

Joystick Controls

  • Left: Left Stick to the Left
  • Right: Left Stick to the Right
  • Up: Left Stick to Up
  • Down: Left Stick to the Down
  • Attack: X button (blue button)
  • Strong: Y button (yellow button)
  • Switch Weapon: Directional pad (D-pad) Up
  • Jump: A button (green button)
  • Interact: B button (red button)
  • Dodge: RT Button
  • Sprint: L
  • Block: LT
  • Ranged Weapon: LB
  • Inventory: Back Button
  • Use Item: Rb
  • Previous Item: Directional pad (D-pad) Left
  • Next Item: Directional pad (D-pad) Right
  • Gestures Menu: Directional pad (D-pad) Down
  • Look Left: Right Stick Left
  • Look Right: Right Stick Right
  • Look Up: Right Stick Up

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    • Anonymous

      im on pc and im having a problem with the interaction button B causing my charecter to jump when the jump button is A they are assinged corectly . and this only hapens with this game

      • Anonymous

        Find it a tad annoying I can’t change something like “gestures menu” to “none” I don’t ever plan to use them and I find it annoying to hit that button on accident. If someone knows how to change it to none that would be awesome. I’m on ps4 btw

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