Crafting in Salt and Sacrifice allows players to use the Crafting Materials obtained from Mage Hunts and convert them into valuable Weapons, Armor, Charms and even trophies to display in their tent within the Vale. Similarly to Transmutation in the previous game, players should obtain the drops and then find the crafting station at the hub to see what they have unlocked. Equipment necessitates several drops to complete the requirements for crafting.


Crafting System in Salt and Sacrifice

The crafting system is very similar to the Monster Hunter franchise. Each type of Mage you fight has a “Set” related to it which includes an Armor Set, a couple of different Weapon types and a bunch of Accessories. That mage and all its minions will drop the related crafting materials that you need to craft its related set pieces and weapons. As soon as you pick up the first crafting material of a set you’ll be able to see all pieces on the crafting table so you can see if it’s worth farming or not.

Upgrade Equipment

You can upgrade your equipment by spending stones called “Ashpyr”. There are different elemental types and you’ll often require a mix of them to upgrade each type of Weapon or Armor, which really limits the amount of gear that you can max out.



The technical term for warpsmithing is "Carnifice": creating magical artifacts from the flesh and bone relics of the Mages you slay. Mages are conduits to realms of pure energy; the art of Carnifice is to capture that energy as a solid metal. Armor crafted from a Pyromancer's flesh, for instance, may feel like a cool metal, when in reality it is the purest, hottest fire, made solid. Tarunnan, praise his holy name. God of the forge, his flesh merged with Aliks, god of fiery fury, their union given the name Mangan, divine child of shining metals.

Crafting Recipes in Salt and Sacrifice


Quick Search of All Crafting Recipes




Armor Set



Redmetal Hood Armor Redmetal Set
Redmetal Breastplate Armor Redmetal Set
Redmetal Bracers Armor Redmetal Set
Redmetal Greaves Armor Redmetal Set
Ashbone Stave Stave Redmetal Set
Blade of Teeth Greatblade Redmetal Set
Blazebrand Highblade Redmetal Set
Cinderblades Throwing Dagger Redmetal Set
Redscar Vanguard Vanguard Redmetal Set
Fiery Ring Ring Redmetal Set
Red Amulet Amulet Redmetal Set
Pyromancer's Kris Ring Redmetal Set
Candelabra of Flame Display Trophy Redmetal Set
Glacial Helm Armor Glacial Set
Glacial Cuirass Armor Glacial Set
Glacial Gauntlets Armor Glacial Set
Glacial Greaves Armor Glacial Set
Cryo Rod Channeling Rod Glacial Set
Frostpick Vanguard Vanguard Glacial Set
Frozen Fang Shortbow Glacial Set
Glacial Stave Stave Glacial Set
Icemetal Twinspear Halfspear Glacial Set
Icemetal Whip Whip Glacial Set
Icicle Pierce Rapier Glacial Set
Stillness Twohander Glacial Set
Blue Amulet Amulet Glacial Set
Cryomancer's Pick Dagger Glacial Set
Frosten Ring Ring Glacial Set
Blue-and-White Bust Display Trophy Glacial Set

Fanged Cap

Armor Snakeskin Set

Snakeskin Cloak

Armor Snakeskin Set

Snakeskin Gloves

Armor Snakeskin Set

Snakeskin Boots

Armor Snakeskin Set

Caustic Stave

Stave Snakeskin Set

Serpent Fangs

Throwing Dagger Snakeskin Set

Serpentine Scourge

Whip Snakeskin Set

Venom Halfspear

Halfspear Snakeskin Set

Venombite Crossbow

Crossbow Snakeskin Set

Venombite Fangs

Twindagger Snakeskin Set

Serpent Ring

Ring Snakeskin Set

Snake Amulet

Amulet Snakeskin Set

Venomancer's Needle

Dagger Snakeskin Set

Slithering Serpent

Display Trophy Snakeskin Set

Lerkeseeker Mask

Armor Lerkeseeker Set

Lerkeseeker Vestments

Armor Lerkeseeker Set
Lerkeseeker Gloves Armor Lerkeseeker Set
Lerkeseeker Hakama Armor Lerkeseeker Set
Arc Surge Highblade Lerkeseeker Set
Flashblade Rapier Lerkeseeker Set
Galvanic Stave Stave Lerkeseeker Set
Goldenlight Bow Shortbow Lerkeseeker Set
Shattering Sky Halfspear Lerkeseeker Set
Stormglaive Glaive Lerkeseeker Set
Amplifying Ring Ring Lerkeseeker Set
Crackling Amulet Amulet Lerkeseeker Set
Skyborn Nail Dagger Lerkeseeker Set
Lightning Spire Display Trophy Lerkeseeker Set
Earthstone Helm Armor Earthstone Set
Earthplate Cuirass Armor Earthstone Set
Earthstone Gauntlets Armor Earthstone Set
Earthstone Greaves Armor Earthstone Set

Bedrock Slab

Twohander Earthstone Set

Earthshaper Stave

Stave Earthstone Set


Greathammer Earthstone Set

Tremor Vanguard

Vanguard Earthstone Set
Razor-honed Stalactite Dagger Earthstone Set
Stone Amulet Amulet Earthstone Set
Stone Ring Ring Earthstone Set
Balanced Earth Display Trophy Earthstone Set
Deep Apparatus Armor Deep Set
Deep Carapace Armor Deep Set
Deep Gauntlets Armor Deep Set
Deep Greaves Armor Deep Set
Deep Pods Thrown Weapon Deep Set
Deeplake Staff Halfspear Deep Set
Drowned Greathammer Greathammer Deep Set
Drowning Mallet Bludgeon Deep Set
Oar of the Deep Greatblade Deep Set
Bulwark Ring Ring Deep Set
Deep Amulet Amulet Deep Set
Drowning Dagger Dagger Deep Set
Deepest Vessel Display Trophy Deep Set
Whirlwind Headband Armor Whirlwind Set
Whirlwind Robes Armor Whirlwind Set
Whirlwind Wristwraps Armor Whirlwind Set
Whirlwind Legwraps Armor Whirlwind Set
Gale Crescent Sickle Whirlwind Set
Howling Blades Twindagger Whirlwind Set
Mistral Rapier Whirlwind Set
Tempest Vanguard Vanguard Whirlwind Set
Whirlwind Blade Twohander Whirlwind Set
Windstorm Rod Channeling Rod Whirlwind Set
Draped Amulet Amulet Whirlwind Set
Keen Gust Dagger Whirlwind Set
Whirlwind Ring Ring Whirlwind Set
Windswept Shield Display Trophy Whirlwind Set
Tombtender's Cowl Armor Tombtender's Set
Tombtender's Vestments Armor Tombtender's Set
Tombtender's Sleeves Armor Tombtender's Set
Tombtender's Skirt Armor Tombtender's Set
Jeweled Mallet Bludgeon Tombtender's Set
Tombtender's Guillotine Twohander Tombtender's Set
Tombtender's Highblade Highblade Tombtender's Set
Tombtender's Reaper Sickle Tombtender's Set
Tombtender's Voulge Glaive Tombtender's Set
Two Elegies Twindagger Tombtender's Set
Gravetender's Dagger Dagger Tombtender's Set
Gravetender's Ring Ring Tombtender's Set
Greentale Amulet Amulet Tombtender's Set
Grave Totem Display Trophy Tombtender's Set
Heraldic Mitre Armor Heraldic Set
Heraldic Vestments Armor Heraldic Set
Heraldic Sleeves Armor Heraldic Set
Heraldic Skirt Armor Heraldic Set
Divine Staff Halfspear Heraldic Set
Flasks of Judgment Thrown Weapon Heraldic Set
Gavel of Judgment Greathammer Heraldic Set
Golden Scepter Bludgeon Heraldic Set
Stave of Mercy Stave Heraldic Set
Divine Amulet Amulet Heraldic Set
Divine Ring Ring Heraldic Set
Edge of Haradustus Dagger Heraldic Set
Sacred Candelabra Display Trophy Heraldic Set
Sporecloth Hat Armor Sporecloth Set
Sporecloth Cloak Armor Sporecloth Set
Sporecloth Wristwraps Armor Sporecloth Set
Sporecloth Skirt Armor Sporecloth Set
Damp-rot Stave Stave Sporecloth Set
Unliving Crook Halfspear Sporecloth Set
Rotwood Bow Shortbow Sporecloth Set
Spore Pods Thrown Weapon Sporecloth Set
Tendril Leash Whip Sporecloth Set
Crawling Amulet Amulet Sporecloth Set
Creeping Ring Ring Sporecloth Set
Fungal Sporeblade Dagger Sporecloth Set
Fairy Ring Display Trophy Sporecloth Set
Swarming Cowl Armor Swarming Set
Swarming Apron Armor Swarming Set
Swarming Gloves Armor Swarming Set
Swarming Skirt Armor Swarming Set
Cleaver of Flies Greatblade Swarming Set
Fleshhunter Throwing Axe Swarming Set
Fleshrippers Twindagger Swarming Set
Mangleblade Twohander Swarming Set
Meat Hammer Bludgeon Swarming Set
Rothook Glaive Swarming Set
Leather Amulet Amulet Swarming Set
Leather Ring Ring Swarming Set
Rotted Protrusion Dagger Swarming Set
Skin Diamond Display Trophy Swarming Set
Riddleworn Mask Armor Riddleworn Set
Riddleworn Vestments Armor Riddleworn Set
Riddleworn Gloves Armor Riddleworn Set
Riddleworn Boots Armor Riddleworn Set
Blightmind Stave Stave Riddleworn Set
Blood-brain Halberd Glaive Riddleworn Set
Mind Eater Sickle Riddleworn Set
Mindspike Rod Channeling Rod Riddleworn Set
Neural Coil Whip Riddleworn Set
Mindstone Ring Amulet Riddleworn Set
Mind Totem Amulet Ring Riddleworn Set
Pointed Riddle Dagger Riddleworn Set
Riddling Idol Display Trophy Riddleworn Set
Timekeeper's Hood Armor Timekeeper's Set
Timekeeper's Robes Armor Timekeeper's Set
Timekeeper's Gloves Armor Timekeeper's Set
Timekeeper's Skirt Armor Timekeeper's Set
Chronocraft Arbalest Crossbow Timekeeper's Set
Temporal Razor Greatblade Timekeeper's Set
Temporal Reaper Sickle Timekeeper's Set
Temporal Twinsickle Halfspear Timekeeper's Set
Timepiercer Blades Throwing Dagger Timekeeper's Set
Timetakers Twindagger Timekeeper's Set
Chronoblade Amulet Amulet Timekeeper's Set
Chronoplate Ring Ring Timekeeper's Set
Timekeeper's Dagger Dagger Timekeeper's Set
Quiet Hourglass Display Trophy Timekeeper's Set
Scaleplate Helm Armor Scaleplate Set
Scaleplate Cuirass Armor Scaleplate Set
Scaleplate Gauntlets Armor Scaleplate Set
Scaleplate Greaves Armor Scaleplate Set
Draconic Axe Greathammer Scaleplate Set
Dragon's Bite Rapier Scaleplate Set
Dragon's Maw Twohander Scaleplate Set
Red-and-gold Greatbow Shortbow Scaleplate Set
Scalesworn Glaive Glaive Scaleplate Set
Wyrmblade Vanguard Vanguard Scaleplate Set
Gold Amulet Amulet Scaleplate Set
Gold Ring Ring Scaleplate Set
Scaled Fin Dagger Dagger Scaleplate Set
Scaleplate Escutcheon Display Trophy Scaleplate Set
Force Mask Armor Force Set
Force Cuirass Armor Force Set    
Force Gauntlets Armor Force Set    
Force Greaves Armor Force Set    
Crystal Axe Throwing Axe Force Set
Crystal Daggers Throwing Dagger Force Set
Force Greatblade Greatblade Force Set
Sharpest Force Highblade Force Set
Stave of Force Stave Force Set
Forcecrystal Amulet Amulet Force Set
Forcecrystal Ring Ring Force Set
Unyielding Impetus Dagger Force Set
Memento of Force Display Trophy Force Set
Codex Mitra Armor Codex Set
Codex Vestments Armor Codex Set
Codex Sleeves Armor Codex Set
Codex Skirt Armor Codex Set
Codex Maul Greathammer Codex Set
Codex Rod Channeling Rod Codex Set
Glyphstone Hammer Bludgeon Codex Set
Stave of Scrolls Stave Codex Set
Storied Greatblade Greatblade Codex Set
Parchment's Edge Dagger Codex Set
Scholar's Amulet Amulet Codex Set
Tomekeeper's Ring Ring Codex Set
Unseen Tome Display Trophy Codex Set
Mechwork Helm Armor Mechwork Set
Mechwork Armor Armor Mechwork Set
Mechwork Gauntlets Armor Mechwork Set
Mechwork Boots Armor Mechwork Set
Mechanum Bombs Thrown Weapon Mechwork Set
Mechanical Crossbow Crossbow Mechwork Set
Mechanum Mace Bludgeon Mechwork Set
Mechanum Maul Greathammer Mechwork Set
Mechanum Ripsaw Greatblade Mechwork Set
Machined Scalpel Dagger Mechwork Set
Mechaner's Amulet Amulet Mechwork Set
Mechaner's Ring Ring Mechwork Set
Mechanum Claw Display Trophy Mechwork Set
Diabolical Hood Armor Diabolical Set
Diabolical Coat Armor Diabolical Set
Diabolical Gauntlets Armor Diabolical Set
Diabolical Greaves Armor Diabolical Set
Deceit Rapier Diabolical Set
Inphyrean Chain Whip Diabolical Set
Inphyrean Flame Twohander Diabolical Set
Inphyrean Rod Channeling Rod Diabolical Set
Inphyrean Scythe Sickle Diabolical Set
Ever-Parched Ring Ring Diabolical Set
Inphyrean Amulet Amulet Diabolical Set
Profane Instrument Dagger Diabolical Set
Inphyrean Shrine Display Trophy Diabolical Set
Celestial Hood Armor Celestial Set
Celestial Hat Armor Celestial Set
Celestial Corset Armor Celestial Set
Celestial Gloves Armor Celestial Set
Celestial Skirt Armor Celestial Set
Celestial Trousers Armor Celestial Set
Brilliant Rapier Rapier Celestial Set
Luminous Spear Halfspear Celestial Set
Luminous Spheres Thrown Weapon Celestial Set
Brilliant Amulet Amulet Celestial Set
Celestial Point Dagger Celestial Set
Luminous Ring Ring Celestial Set
Starlight Candle Display Trophy Celestial Set
Umbral Mask Armor Umbral Set
Umbral Vest Armor Umbral Set
Umbral Gloves Armor Umbral Set
Umbral Leggings Armor Umbral Set
Dakutachi Twindagger Umbral Set
Dark Kunai Throwing Dagger Umbral Set
Eclipse Razor Highblade Umbral Set
Shadow Naginata Glaive Umbral Set
Twinvoid Bo Halfspear Umbral Set
Dark Razor Dagger Umbral Set
Dark Ring Ring Umbral Set
Murky Amulet Amulet Umbral Set
Umbral Daisho Display Trophy Umbral Set
Bloodletter's Mask Armor Bloodletter's Set
Bloodletter's Cloak Armor Bloodletter's Set
Bloodletter's Gloves Armor Bloodletter's Set
Bloodletter's Greaves Armor Bloodletter's Set
Bloodhunt Arbalest Crossbow Bloodletter's Set
Bloodrazor Highblade Bloodletter's Set
Crimson Blade Rapier Bloodletter's Set
Throwing Stilettos Throwing Dagger Bloodletter's Set
Vampiric Stave Stave Bloodletter's Set
Bloodletter's Amulet Amulet Bloodletter's Set
Bloodletting Ring Ring Bloodletter's Set
Ceremonial Bloodletter Dagger Bloodletter's Set    
Pewter Jug Display Trophy Bloodletter's Set




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