Mages are special, powerful Bosses in Salt and Sacrifice. You may find Named and Nameless mages, and each of them often features a specific Damage Types from the overall mechanics of the game. Completing Mage Hunts will grant you special Materials, that you can use to Craft Weapons, Armor and Charms, as well as special Display Trophies for your tent in Pardoner's Vale.


All Magi in Salt and Sacrifice








Mage Element & Summons Drops Gear
Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury Fire elemental affinity.
PyromancerAshwalkerBurnt SkallinEmbered Sickle and 
Burning Heart (50%)
Ash-Caked Lung x 1-2 (50%)
Gel Sac x 1-3 (50%)
Sooted Nail x 1-5 (50%)
Blazepyr x 1-3 (20%)
Redmetal SetRedmetal HoodRedmetal BreastplateRedmetal Bracers andRedmetal Greaves.
WeaponsAshbone StaveBlade of TeethBlazebrandCinderblades and Redscar Vanguard.
AccessoriesFiery RingRed Amulet and Pyromancer's Kris.
Display TrophyCandelabra of Flame.
Celus Zend, The Mourning Winter Cold elemental affinity.
CryomancerBurnt SkallinIce KnightIce Thrall and Shunned Furclad.
Frozen Heart (50%)
Icy Lung x 1-2 (50%)
Blue Finger x 1-3 (50%)
Icy Vein x 1-5 (50%)
Frospyr x 1-3 (20%)
Salt x 500
Silver x 250
Glacial SetGlacial HelmGlacial CuirassGlacial Gauntlets and Glacial Greaves.
WeaponsCryo RodFrostpick VanguardFrozen FangGlacial StaveIcemetal TwinspearIcemetal WhipIcicle PierceStillness.
AccessoriesBlue AmuletCryomancer's Pick and Frosten Ring.
Display TrophyBlue-and-White Bust.
Kundry Kahn, The Drowned Behemoth HydromancerBurnt SkallinHydropodKrayark and Panphibian Drowned Heart (50%)
Weeping Gland x 1-2 (50%)
Waterlogged Organ x 1-3 (50%)
Deep Drop x 1-5 (50%)
Frospyr x 1-3 (10%)
Voidepyr x 1-3 (10%)
Salt x 1,625
Silver x 250
Deep SetDeep ApparatusDeep CarapaceDeep Gauntlets and Deep Greaves.
WeaponsDeep PodsDeeplake StaffDrowned GreathammerDrowning Mallet and Oar of the Deep.
AccessoriesBulwark RingDeep Amulet and Drowning Dagger.
Display TrophyDeepest Vessel
Varren Ovrin, The Vilest Hatred VenomancerHarvester and Venomous Cluster Poison Drop
Toxic Gut
Venom Gland
Poison Heart
Snakeskin Set:, Fanged CapSnakeskin CloakSnakeskin Gloves and Snakeskin Boots.
WeaponsCaustic StaveSerpent FangsSerpentine ScourgeVenom HalfspearVenombite Crossbow and Venombite Fangs.
AccessoriesSerpent RingSnake Amulet and Venomancer's Needle.
Display TrophySlithering Serpent.
Aur Cyrus, The Wild Pandemonium AeromancerAngelusBurnt ForagerEvangelus and Howling Blade Ethereal Heart (50%)
Misty Lung x 1-2 (50%)
Cloudy Vein x 1-3 (50%)
Longing Wisp x 1-5 (50%)
Blazepyr x 1-5 (5%)
Frospyr x 1-5 (5%)
Salt x 1,750
Silver x 875
Guiltless Shard
Whirlwind SetWhirlwind HeadbandWhirlwind RobesWhirlwind Wristwraps and Whirlwind Legwraps.
WeaponsGale CrescentHowling BladesMistralTempest VanguardWhirlwind Blade and Windstorm Rod.
AccessoriesDraped AmuletKeen Gust and Whirlwind Ring.
Display TrophyWindswept Shield
Ekriks Graycloud, The Precipice of Chaos ElectromancerBurnt SkallinLerkeseekerRunebrighter and Sparklight Crackling Heart (50%)
Silver Tooth x 1-2 (50%)
Graphite Nail x 1-3 (50%)
Static Fiber x 1-5 (50%)
Blazepyr x 1-5 (5%)
Salt x
Silver x
Guiltless Shard
Lerkeseeker SetLerkeseeker MaskLerkeseeker VestmentsLerkeseeker Gloves and Lerkeseeker Hakama.
WeaponsArc SurgeFlashbladeGalvanic StaveGoldenlight BowShattering Sky and Stormglaive.
AccessoriesAmplifying RingCrackling Amulet and Skyborn Nail.
Display TrophyLightning Spire.
Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion TerramancerMossmawPillar-that-Walks and Siegespawn Stone Heart (50%)
Earthen Lobe x 1-2 (50%)
Stony Backbone x 1-3 (50%)
Granite Mote x 1-5 (50%)
Ashpyr x 1-5 (10%)
Salt x 4,550
Silver x 875
Guiltless Shard
Earthstone SetEarthstone HelmEarthplate CuirassEarthstone Gauntlets and Earthstone Greaves.
WeaponsBedrock SlabEarthshaper StaveEarthshatter and Tremor Vanguard.
AccessoriesRazor-honed StalactiteStone Amulet and Stone Ring.
Display TrophyBalanced Earth.
Nix Ocifiris, Caretaker of Dry Bones NecromancerBurnt ForagerKatabaal FaithfulSkeletal Brute and Wight Rotted Heart (50%)
Fetid Liver x 1-2 (50%)
Decayed Gut x 1-3 (50%)
Grave Pebble x 1-5 (50%)
Voidepyr x 1-5 (5%)
Ashpyr x 1-5 (5%)
Salt x
Silver x
Tombtender's SetTombtender's CowlTombtender's VestmentsTombtender's Sleeves and Tombtender's Skirt.
WeaponsJeweled MalletTombtender's GuillotineTombtender's HighbladeTombtender's ReaperTombtender's Voulge and Two Elegies.
AccessoriesGravetender's DaggerGravetender's Ring and Greentale Amulet.
Display TrophyGrave Totem
Padra Sakrev, Bearer of Guilt ThaumamancerBurnt ForagerSaint's VesselScourged Penitent and Traveling Saint. Golden Heart (50%)
Martyr's Bone x 1-2 (50%)
Ashen Relic x 1-3 (50%)
Silver Note x 1-5 (50%)
Goldenpyr x 1-5 (10%)
Salt x 5,395
Silver x 875
Guiltless Shard
Heraldic SetHeraldic MitreHeraldic VestmentsHeraldic Sleeves and Heraldic Skirt.
WeaponsDivine StaffFlasks of JudgmentGavel of JudgmentGolden Scepter and Stave of Mercy.
Accessories: Divine AmuletDivine Ring and Edge of Haradustus.
Display TrophySacred Candelabra.
Por Myec, The Encroaching Rot FungalmancerBoletinBurnt FenbugSporekin and Toad King Moldy Heart (50%)
Morel Sac x 1-2 (50%)
Spore Bag x 1-3 (50%)
Puff Pod x 1-5 (50%)
Frospyr x 1-5 (5%)
Mosspyr x 1-5 (5%)
Salt x 6,900
Silver x 1,725
Guiltless Shard
Sporecloth SetSporecloth HatSporecloth CloakSporecloth Wristwraps and Sporecloth Skirt.
WeaponsDamp-rot StaveUnliving CrookRotwood BowSpore Pods and Tendril Leash.
AccessoriesCrawling AmuletCreeping Ring and Fungal Sporeblade.
Display TrophyFairy Ring.
Ghor Lorhotha, Wearer of Tortured Flesh CorpumancerBurnt FenbugProfaned ButcherShambling Guts and Skinskitter Stitched Heart (50%)
Combined Organ x 1-2 (50%)
Weaved Flesh x 1-3 (50%)
Pained Leather x 1-5 (50%)
Frospyr x 1-5 (5%)
Ashpyr x 1-5 (5%)
Salt x 8,550
Silver x 1,725
Guiltless Shard
Swarming SetSwarming CowlSwarming ApronSwarming Gloves and Swarming Skirt.
WeaponsCleaver of FliesFleshhunterFleshrippersManglebladeMeat Hammer and Rothook.
AccessoriesLeather AmuletLeather Ring and Rotted Protrusion.
Display TrophySkin Diamond.
Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind NeuromancerBurnt CleftinGray NobleRoyal Mind and Scattermind Thinking Heart (50%)
Enlarged Lobe x 1-2 (50%)
Slippery Node x 1-3 (50%)
Neural Fluid x 1-5 (50%)
Twin Goldenpyr x 1-3 (20%)
Salt x 9,895
Silver x 3,037
Guiltless Shard
Riddleworn SetRiddleworn Mask, Riddleworn VestmentsRiddleworn Gloves and Riddleworn Boots.
WeaponsBlightmind StaveBlood-brain HalberdMind EaterMindspike Rod and Neural Coil.
AccessoriesMindstone RingMind Totem Amulet and Pointed Riddle.
Display TrophyRiddling Idol
Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal ChronomancerBurnt CleftinGlasskeeperLarval Samayavora and Pendul Deacon Shifting Heart (50%)
Seeing Eye x 1-2 (50%)
Temporal Lobe x 1-3 (50%)
Ephemeral Lash x 1-5 (50%)
Twin Blazepyr x 1-3 (20%)
Salt x 14,780
Silver x 3,180
Guiltless Shard
Timekeeper's SetTimekeeper's HoodTimekeeper's RobesTimekeeper's Gloves and 
Timekeeper's Skirt.
WeaponsChronocraft ArbalestTemporal RazorTemporal ReaperTemporal TwinsickleTimepiercer Blades and Timetakers.
AccessoriesChronoblade AmuletChronoplate Ring and Timekeeper's Dagger.
Display TrophyQuiet Hourglass.
Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility DracomancerBurnt CleftinDarkscale WyvernDrakeling and Scaleplate Guard Scaly Heart (50%)
Drake's Claw x 1-2 (50%)
Ember Scale x 1-3 (50%)
Dragon's Tear x 1-5 (50%)
Twin Blazepyr x 1-3 (5%)
Twin Ashpyr x 1-3 (5%)
Salt x 17,530
Silver x 3,037
Guiltless Shard
Scaleplate SetScaleplate HelmScaleplate CuirassScaleplate Gauntlets and Scaleplate Greaves.
WeaponsDraconic AxeDragon's BiteDragon's MawRed-and-gold GreatbowScalesworn Glaive and Wyrmblade Vanguard.
AccessoriesGold AmuletGold Ring and Scaled Fin Dagger.
Display TrophyScaleplate Escutcheon.
Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate KinetomancerBurnt TenderEnergy CoreForce Node and Shatter Guard Quivering Heart (50%)
Glowing Flesh x 1-2 (50%)
Kinetic Bone x 1-3 (50%)
Force Mote x 1-5 (50%)
Ashpyr x 1-5 (5%)
Goldenpyr x 1-5 (5%)
Salt x 9,575
Silver x 4,787
Guiltless Shard
Force SetForce MaskForce CuirassForce Gauntlets and Force Greaves.
WeaponsCrystal AxeCrystal DaggersForce GreatbladeSharpest Force and Stave of Force.
AccessoriesForcecrystal AmuletForcecrystal Ring and Unyielding Impetus.
Display TrophyMemento of Force.
Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar BibliomancerBurnt TenderCodex MonkGlyphed Annelid and Parchment Knight Storied Heart (50%)
Tattooed Finger x 1-2 (50%)
Runed Tongue x 1-3 (50%)
Forgotten Page x 1-5 (50%)
Twin Voidepyr x 1-5 (5%)
Twin Goldenpyr x 1-5 (5%)
Salt x 12,400
Silver x 6,200
Guiltless Shard
Codex SetCodex MitraCodex VestmentsCodex Sleeves and Codex Skirt.
WeaponsCodex MaulCodex RodGlyphstone HammerStave of Scrolls and Storied Greatblade.
AccessoriesParchment's EdgeScholar's Amulet and Tomekeeper's Ring.
Display TrophyUnseen Tome.
Anamus Kane, The Infernal Machine Mechanomancer, Biped, BogminerBurnt Fenbug and Clockwork Guard Clockwork Heart (50%)
Noble Oil x 1-2 (50%)
Mechanum Gear x 1-3 (50%)
Hidden Spring x 1-5 (50%)
Twin Mosspyr x 1-3 (20%)
Twin Ashpyr x 1-3 (20%)
Salt x 10,575
Silver x 1,725
Guiltless Shard
Mechwork SetMechwork HelmMechwork ArmorMechwork Gauntlets and Mechwork Boots.
WeaponsMechanum Bombs, Mechanical CrossbowMechanum MaceMechanum Maul and Mechanum Ripsaw.
Accessories: Machined ScalpelMechaner's Amulet and Mechaner's Ring.
Display TrophyMechanum Claw
Nephael Mos, Knight of the Chasm Fire/Dark elemental affinity.
DiablomancerChasm LordInphyrean Drone.
Infernal Heart (50%)
Jagged Sternum x 1-2 (50%)
Runed Knuckle x 1-3 (50%)
Demon Fang x 1-5 (50%
Pilgrim's Urn.
Twin Voidepyr
Guiltless Shard
Silver x3037
Diabolical SetDiabolical HoodDiabolical CoatDiabolical Gauntlets and Diabolical Greaves.
WeaponsDeceitInphyrean ChainInphyrean FlameInphyrean Rod and Inphyrean Scythe.
AccessoriesEver-Parched RingInphyrean Amulet and Profane Instrument.
Display TrophyInphyrean Shrine.
Luxian Steel-Glass, The Blind and Blinding Cold/Light elemental affinity.
LuminimancerArclightBrightmindDarkscale WyvernBrightfel and Burnt Fenbug.
Bright Heart (50%)
Brilliant Eye x 1-2 (50%)
Lucent Node x 1-3 (50%)
Shining Drop x 1-5 (50%)
Twin Frospyr x 1-5 (25%)
Twin Goldenpyr x 1-5 (25%)
Salt x 9,195
Silver x 1,725
Guiltless Shard
Celestial SetCelestial HoodCelestial HatCelestial CorsetCelestial SuitcoatCelestial GlovesCelestial Skirt and Celestial Trousers.
WeaponsBrilliant RapierLuminous Spear and Luminous Spheres.
AccessoriesBrilliant AmuletCelestial Point and Luminous Ring.
Display TrophyStarlight Candle.
Vodin Tenebre, The Lurking Shadow Dark elemental affinity.
UmbramancerHulking ShadowUmbral Witch and 
Void Heart (50%)
Creeping Claw x 1-2 (50%)
Sunken Eye x 1-3 (50%)
Glistening Dark x 1-5 (50%)
Umbral SetUmbral MaskUmbral VestUmbral Gloves and Umbral Leggings.
WeaponsDakutachiDark KunaiEclipse RazorShadow Naginata and Twinvoid Bo.
AccessoriesDark RazorDark Ring and Murky Amulet.
Display TrophyUmbral Daisho
Ture Vasari, The Blood-Drunk Blade SanguimancerBloodfiendBloodspawnBloodstone Beast and Burnt Forager. Glistening Heart (50%)
Sanguinary Cluster x 1-2 (50%)
Hungry Vein x 1-3 (50%)
Sanguine Drop x 1-5 (50%)
Bloodletter's SetBloodletter's MaskBloodletter's CloakBloodletter's Gloves and Bloodletter's Greaves.
WeaponsBloodhunt ArbalestBloodrazorCrimson BladeThrowing Stilettos and Vampiric Stave.
AccessoriesBloodletter's AmuletBloodletting Ring and Ceremonial Bloodletter.
Display TrophyPewter Jug



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