Mages are special, powerful Bosses in Salt and Sacrifice. You may find Named and Nameless mages, and each of them often features a specific Damage Types from the overall mechanics of the game. Completing Mage Hunts will grant you special Materials, that you can use to Craft Weapons, Armor and Charms, as well as special Display Trophies for your tent in Pardoner's Vale.

Mages in the SnS Demo

  • Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury (Pyromancer)
  • Kundry Khan, The Drowned Behemoth (Hydromancer)
  • Varren Ovrin, The Vilest Hatred (Venomancer)
  • Cryomancer (Ice)
  • Darkness Mage

All Magi in Salt and Sacrifice




Mage Element & Summons Drops Gear
Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury Pyromancer. Spiders, Embered Sickle, Ashwalker Sooted Nail, Burned Heart, Ash-caked Lung, Gel Sac Pyromancer Set, Pyromancer Vanguard, Pyro Blade, Pyro Stave, Pyro Knife, Fiery Ring, Red Amulet, Pyromancer's Dagger, Pyromancer Trophy
Kundry Khan, The Drowned Behemoth Hydromancer. Frog Trooper, Hydropod Deep Drop, Waterlogged Organ, Weeping Gland, Drowned Heart, Magestone Hydromancer Set, Hydro Greathammer, Hydro Hammer, Water Pod, Bulwark Ring, Hydromancer Trophy, Deep Amulet, Hydromancer's Dagger
Varren Ovrin, The Vilest Hatred Venomancer. Gangler, Serpentid, Venomous Cluster Toxic Gut, Poison Heart, Venom Gland, Poison Drop Venom Set, Venom Daggers, Venom Halfspear, Venom Whip, Serpent Ring, Venomancer's Dagger, Venomancer Trophy, Snake Amulet
Cryomancer Ice. Ice Golem, Ice Troll, Ice Wraith Icy Vein, Blue Finger, Icy Lung, Frozen Heart, Magestone Cryomancer Set, Icemetal Spear, Cryo Rapier, Ice Stave, Cryomancer Vanguard, Icemetal Whip, Cryo Longbow, Cryo Rod, Frosten Ring, Blue Amulet, Cryomancer's Dagger, Cryomancer Trophy


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