Crystal Axe

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Type Ranged Weapon
Requirement Class 4 Axe Thrower
Attack 32.9
Physical/Light: 100%
Scaling Strength: C

Crystal Axe is a Throwing Axe in Salt and Sacrifice. Crystal Axe scales primarily with Strength. Throwing Axes are Ranged Weapons that can be used to inflict damage on hostile characters from afar and with great potential to break guard. They grant no guard protection, encouraging users to maintain distance from advancing enemies.


A set of crystalline axes. They hum with solidified force energy.


Crystal Axe Information in Salt and Sacrifice


Where to find Crystal Axe in Salt and Sacrifice

Crystal Axe can be crafted with the following materials:

These materials can be obtained as drop from the following Enemies:


Crystal Axe Upgrades

Crystal Axe can be upgraded as follows:

Level Damage Material
upgrade level icon 5 salt and sacrifice wiki guide 64px 28.9
Physical/Light: 100%
upgrade level icon 6 salt and sacrifice wiki guide 64px 30.5
Physical/Light: 100%
1 Goldenpyr Trio
upgrade level icon 7 salt and sacrifice wiki guide 64px 32.1
Physical/Light: 100%
1 Ashpyr Trio
upgrade level icon 8 salt and sacrifice wiki guide 64px 33.6
Physical/Light: 100%
1 Goldenpyr Cluster
upgrade level icon 9 salt and sacrifice wiki guide 64px 35.2Physical/Light: 100% 1 Ashpyr Cluster
upgrade level icon 10 salt and sacrifice wiki guide 64px 36.8
Physical/Light: 100%
1 Goldenpyr Brick



Name Notes and Tips in Salt and Sacrifice

  • At 40 Strength, this weapon has an attack rating of 76 when maxed out.




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