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Location Elder Copse

Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Parxa Krass is a Kinetomancer weaver of the essential element of force. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate in Salt and Sacrifice. 


A wielder and weaver of the essential element of force, that foundation upon which all elements reside. Though many of its properties have been analyzed by scholarly minds, kinetomancers possess the ability to manifest this energy in ways that defy science.


Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate Information

Element and Summons




Where to find Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate in Salt and Sacrifice

Chase Sequence:

As soon as you initiate the hunt, Parxa Krass will appear right below you. After fighting him and his mobs here for a while, he will teleport to the upper-east where you original came from. Climb up the two ladders and grapple over the gap to the upper east to find him again. He will teleport again shortly in the same direction. Keep following up east. After fighting him near the main Obelisk, he will teleport to the lower sections of the area. To get to him, head back to where you initiated his hunt and take the lower east path this time. Below a set of stairs that you drop down to, there is a door your can open to find another Obelisk. Head back outside and continue eastward to the Unprofaned Lake sub-area where you will find the mage again shortly. After a couple more teleports, his Boss Fight will ensue once you reach the waterlogged area of the lake.


Salt and Sacrifice Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate Rewards


Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Parxa Krass is a very straightforward encounter with some easy-to-read moves. However, you should watch out for his melee attacks as not only does he have a devastating 3-hit combo by default, he has very little recovery time during his melee attacks and can easily extend his combos with any of his moves. When this happens, back away from the mage immediately until it breaks the melee chain.

Your biggest window to attack is during his Shatter Burst attack as long as you can stick close to his legs. While he is creating the construct and shattering it, you will have enough time to dish out 4 attacks with most weapons. Be careful as he may follow up with a Kinetic Upheaval which will force you to create distance or get hit hard. For his Kinetic Ring attack, make sure you aren't dodging prematurely as the ring attempts to create a lock on you. Always dodge at the last second and you should have no trouble closing the distance and getting at least 2 hits in.

Avoid fighting Parxa Krass at a distance as this not only opens you up to his highly damaging and very fast melee Dash attack. Instead, hug his legs to be able to deal consistent damage and back away when necessary.

Once his HP is depleted, he will collapse to the ground allowing you to devour his heart and end the encounter.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Kinetic Axe Combo Parxa Krass conjures a set of dual axes made of sharp rocks and begins a three-hit combo starting with a quick overhead slash from each axe ending with a double axe smash. Do not attempt to roll behind the mage until the final hit as this attack has very good tracking and the mage will quickly change directions to chase you.
Kinetic Axe Dash Parxa Krass conjures his dual axes and raises one of them high up overhead. After a brief delay, he dashes forward and performs a downwards slash in a very wide arc. This attack can be dodged through with a properly timed roll.
Kinetic Axe Uppercut Parxa Krass performs a quick upward slash with one of his axes. This attack has a bit of forward movement which also serves as its telegraph, but it can be very hard to read. It can be dodged through with good roll timing. Otherwise, back away from the mage.
Shatter Burst Parxa Krass tilts slightly backwards and raises both glowing fists. He then punches the air diagonally downwards, creating a craggy construct along his arms which shatters after a brief moment, sending shards bursting outwards a short distance. You can stand right up against his legs to avoid damage from the construct's creation and then roll to his back to avoid the burst.
Kinetic Ring Parxa Krass holds his glowing fist in a wide stance while creating a ring-like construct. The construct begins homing in on the player before locking on after a brief period. The mage will then throw the construct at the player. It will shatter upon impact with the player or the ground. Watch out as the resulting shards can still deal damage. You can avoid this attack by keeping on the move and waiting til the last second before dodging.
Kinetic Upheaval Parxa Krass raises holds both glowing hands to his sides and raises them high up. As he does this, a set of three sharp rock formations form on the ground on both sides of the mage which explode after a brief delay, sending shards flying upward. You can avoid this attack by hugging his legs or staying far away. Beware not to rush towards the mage prematurely after the burst as the shards' hitboxes can linger a short while.



Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate Lore

A wielder and weaver of the essential element of force, that foundation upon which all elements reside. Though many of its properties have been analyzed by scholarly minds, kinetomancers possess the ability to manifest this energy in ways that defy science.


Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate Notes & Trivia

  • After defeating Speak to the Mage's dying human form for some backstory and collect your extra loot. Continue eastward, fighting the Skittering Maws along the way. You will also run into an Elder Maw here which is a much larger, much stronger variant. Further east are a set of Unknown Tenders by the eastern stairs. Look closely at the red wooden stairs here. Underneath them is an opening to a cave. Inside, use the Ether Vent to slow your descent and pick up the Treasure Pouch at the bottom for a Beloved Idol. Proceed to the left of the cave to find another Obelisk and then head back out.
  • By defeating Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate, players earn The Kinetomancerps5 bronze trophy trophy. 
  • Notes, & Trivia Go Here



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