Walkthrough for Salt and Sacrifice (SnS) features a comprehensive guide that aims to help players complete the main campaign. The Walkthrough covers each location in detail, including all obtainable Items and Equipment, NPCs, Enemies and Bosses, and is organized in by location based on our recommended progression path to completing the game.


Prologue Guide

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Prologue Map

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NPCs in the Prologue

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Prologue Bosses


Prologue Enemies


All Items in the Prologue


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Equipment & Upgrades

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Key Items

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Prologue Walkthrough for Salt and Sacrifice

Prologue: Death, the first of many

After creating your character, the game begins with a cutscene as you ride west, escorted by your gaoler. Shortly after, you are bombarded by projectiles and knocked off your steed. Your gaoler is killed instantly. Inspect his corpse to acquire your starting equipment. What you obtain is dependent on your chosen Class during Character Creation. This section serves as an introduction to the game and control prompts will guide you as you venture forth. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the movement and combat mechanics. See the Controls page for details on how to perform certain actions.

When ready, head west to encounter a couple of Skallin enemies. These are just basic grunts and will go down within a few hits. Continue on and you will be met with a ranged Yew Noble perched atop a cliff, shooting arrows at you. This introduces you to ranged combat. Follow the prompts and take the enemy out. Continue on west as the prompts teach you about ledge climbing, drop-downs and wall jumps. Shortly after, you will encounter a large unnamed boss. This is the Inphyrean Warden and as of this writing, it is unknown if you can beat this monster at this point in the game but it will certainly obliterate you in 1-2 hits. Don't worry about it at this time.

inphyrean warden boss fight walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

Boss fight against the Inphyrean Warden



Trivia & Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Killed the warden first thing after starting the game, took me a few hours.

      Did it with highblade, as I found the blade to be easier to handle compared to daggers. Game buffers your inputs a bit, so if you mash your dagger attacks on assassin and happen to stagger the boss, he can sometimes hit you with his quick fist attack if you're both a bit slow and had an attack buffered.

      If you remove hat and chest you'll have a fastroll, though it probably isn't really needed. You die in two hits unless its multiple projectiles.

      Just roll behind him after his every pattern and attack if you have stamina while he's animation locked (longest opening is his projectiles). Beware of right wall, as you can't roll behind him if he's right next to it, so you'll have to lure him out.

      At about half HP he gets two more attacks:

      1) Falling projectiles that you can react to and dodge through once they start raining (they fall from center outwards).

      2) Jump back into targeted projectile burst. This one was the hardest to figure out, but the key thing is that he only does this move after his usual projectile attack, and also he always jumps back away from you. So to avoid any right wall shenanigans you can just wait for his usual projectile attack, roll to his right side to make him jump left, roll into him (two fastrolls usually cover the distance and you outrun the projectiles) and start attacking his knees as the projectiles dont hit right in front of him. It's the biggest dps window, but make sure you're watching out for staggers from your hits, as they reset him and he can make a quick attack.

      At about a quarter hp he'll get one more attack:

      3) Quick claw attack - watch out for this one, as while the attack motion itself is quite quick, he telegraphs it a bit. Key thing here is that he always does his usual fist attack right after this one, so make sure to always do two rolls to avoid both.

      Other than that it's just a lot of whacking and dodging.

      You still get obliterated after he dies but killing him gives two bunches of salt (I believe it's 13k salt, so probably 8k+5k ones but dont quote me on this).

      • Anonymous

        An attempt to kill the big evil guy with the help of third-party programs was unsuccessful. On 4/5 of your hp, the script kills you. If someone wants to try - do not forget to take bombs and turn on endless consumables.

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