Summoning in Salt and Sacrifice is a new feature that was added to the game where players can use a summon item to call and ask for aid from random players who are online. Salt and Sacrifice follows a similar feature to games like Dark Souls or Demon's Souls, so it is possible for summoned players either assist the player or turn against them and kill them. This feature requires both players to be online.


Salt and Sacrifice Summon Guide


How do Invasions and Co-op work in SnS?

In Salt and Sacrifice players can engage in fully coordinated PvP and Cooperative play. Invasions and co-op both work only when the player isn’t “Spellmarked”, which is the equivalent of being “Hollow”. When you want to engage in online play, you need to use a Guiltless Shard that can be looted from many places on the landscape or purchased from a demo vendor.

Once you are in the “Atoned” (human) state, you can intiate co-op by using a “Golden Candle”, or wait for PvP adversaries to join as you play. Guardian faction members can be summoned into other worlds even when being Spellmarked.

Factions in Salt and Sacrifice

Factions are special groups that players can join in order to engage in roleplay and Online cooperative or vs play. Salt and Sacrifice features 6 Factions:

  • Dawnlight Cooperators - Aid fellow inquisitors in devouring mages. Use a Pale Candle to find a host to assist.
  • Oathbound Watchers – Protect Inquistors who have been invaded by members of the Shroud Alliance. Wear an Oathwrit Amulet to be summoned to protect a host.
  • Sheriff Inquisitors – Slay invading Blueheart Runners. Wear a Tealfeather Amulet to be summoned to protect a host.
  • Shroud Alliance – Invade and slay fellow inquisitors. Use a Page of Curses to find a world to invade.
  • Blueheart Runners – Hunt creatures called Hazeburnt Husks in the realms of their fellow Inquisitors. Use a Blue Candle to find a world to harvest.
  • Chaos Hunter – Invade and can slay hosts, allies, invaders and monsters. Use Unspeakable Flesh to find a world to invade. This faction is not yet fully implemented into the game.


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