FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions for Salt and Sacrifice consist of information regarding questions that are frequently raised by the community. Players can find the answers to the following questions that are listed.


Salt and Sacrifice FAQs

Do I need to play Salt and Sanctuary in order to play Salt and Sacrifice?

Although the latter is a sequel of the former, players don't need to play Salt and Sanctuary in order to understand or "get" the game's story. Besides the evident change in art style, the action shifts to a different realm and time period, allowing it to be an experience that can be played on its own.


What platforms is Salt and Sacrifice available on?

Salt and Sacrifice is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC.


What classes can you choose in Salt and Sacrifice?

Players can choose one of  the 8 following Classes in Salt and Sacrifice:


Can I customize my character in Salt and Sacrifice?

Yes. At the moment players start a new game in Salt and Sacrifice, players enter the character creation screen, in which there are many customizable options. Some of them impact gameplay directly, like the Class or the Crimes selected. While others, like Body type, Ancestry, or hair type, only affect the character's aesthetic. 

When is Salt and Sacrifice released?

Salt and Sacrifice has been released on May 10th.


Does Salt and Sacrifice have multiplayer?

Yes. Players in Salt and Sacrifice can play online either cooperatively or invade one another's world.


Is Salt and Sacrifice a good game to pick up if I liked Dark Souls?

Yes. Salt and Sacrifice is a 2D Soulslike, this means that many of the features players can find in Dark Souls are also present in Salt and Sacrifice. That doesn't mean that it is a carbon copy of Dark Souls, there are many features unique to Salt and Sacrifice that are not present in the genre-defining game from From Software.

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