Endings Guide for Salt and Sacrifice covers relevant information regarding the ending of the game. In some RPG games, there are multiple conclusions of the game that depends on the player's actions/choices made throughout a completed playthrough and these endings unlock different achievements and outcomes of the game's story. On this page, you'll find relevant guides, conditions, tips, and trivia that ties to available endings of the game.

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Salt and Sacrifice Endings Guide


Can you get all endings in one playtrhough?

It is only possible to get all endings in one play through if you save before fighting The Undone Sacrifice, then backup and switch your save files, as the New Game Plus cycle is activated automatically.

How many Endings are there in Salt and Sacrifice?

There is a total of 2 Endings in Salt and Sacrifice. Both of them are defined at the same point in the end of the game, once you defeat the final boss. The endings are triggered upon interacting with the Husk Tree at the top of the Imperfect Shrine, in Elder Copse.


All Endings in Salt and Sacrifice

Once you reach the end of Elder Copse and defeat The Undone Sacrifice, you can interact with the Husk Tree. You will then be faced with the choice to either Climb or Devour the Tree, or Do Nothing.


Chossing "Climb"

Upon defeating The Undone Sacrifice, interact with the Husk Tree and choose the Climb option.

If you choose to Climb, you will take the place of The Undone Sacrifice, lashing yourself onto the tree as the camera pans to the sky and mysterious silhouettes manifest amongst the stars.

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Choosing "Devour"

Upon defeating The Undone Sacrifice, interact with the Husk Tree and choose the Devour option.

If you choose the Devour option, you will stab the tree and devour its energies as the camera pans to the sky. Shortly after, a devastating meteor shower rains across the lands as the credits roll.

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New Game Plus

 After choosing either one of the Endings, the game's credits will begin to roll. After this the savegame will automatically update and enter in New Game + mode (NG+). This will allow you to replay the game from the beggining, with added dificulty and challenges. You can see what changes this mode brings in New Game Plus.

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