The Undone Sacrifice

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Location Elder Copse

The Undone Sacrifice is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. The Undone Sacrifice has Physical elemental affinity and is listed on spot 144 in the bestiary, which contains various information regarding the hostile characters encountered in the game. In the kingdom of Alterstone, you will come across different enemies such as the undead, monsters, human enemies, and more. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game


One of The Two That Embarked. Like his brother, he wished to save all living things from the burden of the gods. He hoped to intercept their endless wrath; instead, he became a conduit, transforming divine fury into the irresistible whispering lure of Magic.


Where to find The Undone Sacrifice in Salt and Sacrifice

  • The Undone Sacrifice is the final boss found in the Elder Copse, at the top of the Imperfect Shrine.

Before interacting with the husk, head all the way to the end of the path to the west to loot a Treasure Pouch containing the Cerulean Tome of Fates. Return this to Runereader Diedala in Pardoner's Vale to unlock the final set of Fated Hunts. Return to the center of the area and look for the prompt slightly to the right of the Husk. You are about to fight the Final Boss of the game. When ready, interact with the Husk to throw your Grappling Hook at it, yanking him down from his restraints, revealing his name as The Undone Sacrifice and beginning the encounter.


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The Undone Sacrifice Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

The Undone Sacrifice may quite appropriately be the most challenging boss you will face in Salt and Sacrifice. This boss utilizes a combination of nearly all the boss mechanics you've encountered thus far and with staggering proficiency. While primarily a melee-oriented boss, he has several ranged attacks that are extremely demanding and require the tightest timing on dodges to overcome.

You will quickly find that there is no good positioning from which to trade blows with The Undone Sacrifice. You must constantly be on the move and carefully read his moves instead of trying to bait out attacks. His melee scythe attacks and combos are some of the fastest in the game and with the least amount of recovery, requiring you to create openings by learning how to i-frame them.

One of the moves that he tends to use a lot is the Crash Landing attack. Not only is a direct hit from this move deadly, the lightning and debris wave released on impact can catch you off guard as it has a very wide hitbox on either side of the boss. When you see him leap up, immediately rush under him but do not stop moving or the wave will hit you. A less risky way to approach this attack is to roll towards him a split second after he lands in order to i-frame the shockwave and position you close enough for a 1-2 hit counter.

His Scythe Combo is one of the most dangerous and difficult moves to avoid. It comes out very quickly and does not have a clear telegraph. If you get caught in this combo, it is best to spam your roll to mitigate the damage and potentially avoid further hits if you can manage to roll behind him. Another move to watch out for is the Fulgurite Strike telegraphed by the boss spinning his scythe before slamming it down. He will sometimes use this while you are nowhere near melee range but do not be fooled. The ensuing fulgurite bursts will follow you all around the arena for several seconds until the move is over. It is recommended you focus on evading the fulgurite bursts instead of trying to find an opening during this move.

To round out his most dangerous moves, players should learn how to effectively avoid his Stomp Combo. This move works similarly to a grab and locks you in the animation while taking a chunk off your health bar if the initiating stomp connects. It has a very short and subtle telegraph where the boss holds his scythe to his side with his other elbow behind his body, preparing for a dash. A split second later, the boss rushes forward at incredible speed. This is your window to avoid this move by rolling through. If caught in the stomp, you will be helpless until he strikes you with the scythe and you slide forward. Do not attempt to heal after this point as he will end the combo with a Fulgurite Strike which will very likely finish you off if you don't move.

Your biggest window for attacking will likely be during his Splinter Barrage move. As soon as you see him levitate, quickly roll behind the boss and retaliate with 2-3 hits and get ready to disengage, waiting for his next move. As long as you can get behind him before the splinters are released, they will never hit you. If you are caught within range of the attack as it starts, keep moving towards the boss as you can roll and i-frame through the portion of the splinters that land closest to him without taking damage.

Lastly, remember to make use of the environment. The arena is a very wide space and the Undone Sacrifice does not have a very fast walking speed. Like the previous bosses in the Elder Copse, you can abuse this by running far away and pelting him with ranged attacks and throwables to chip away at his health.

Similar to mages, once you deplete the Undone Sacrifice's HP, he will collapse to the ground and you will need to press the appropriate button to finish him off and end the encounter.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Crash Landing The Undone Sacrifice leaps straight up into the air and then swoops down toward the player. As he crashes into the ground, he sends a wave of lightning and debris spreading outward a medium distance on both sides of the impact point. Quickly rush underneath the boss as he performs the leap upwards.
Whirling Uppercut  The Undone Sacrifice performs an uppercut with his scythe while twirling it at the end of the move. This move will hit several times and requires precise timing to dodge.
Scythe Combo The Undone Sacrifice performs a downward slash with a slight backpedal, followed by another downward slash and then an uppercut culminating in a power slam that sends a wave of lightning and debris spreading outward over a medium distance on both sides of the impact point, similar to the Crashlanding move. This combo is very difficult to avoid due to the sheer speed and virtually no telegraphs. However, there is a very tiny window between each strike in which you can spam your roll. If you manage to get behind him, the rest of the move will not hit you. If you roll away instead, you should have enough time to run away from the rest of the combo.
Splinter Barrage  The Undone Sacrifice levitates a short distance above ground with his scythe on his shoulders and his other arm stretched out to the side. Several of the splinters on his back are released into the air and after a brief delay, he sends them shooting outwards in a very large arc. Get behind the boss as soon as you see him levitate.
Fulgurite Strike The Undone Sacrifice spins his scythe several times, culminating in a big slam attack that lodges the blade into the ground. After a brief moment, small bolts of lightning strike the ground one after the other. Each bolt sends a small spire of fulgurite bursting out of the ground. You will need to constantly be on the move until the boss pulls his scythe out of the ground as fulgurites will continually burst out of the ground, following you around the arena.
Stomp Combo The Undone Sacrifice holds his scythe to his side in a low stance with his other elbow posed behind him. After a very brief delay, he dashes forward and stomps the player as he slides forward. He stomps one more time and strikes the player, sending them sliding forward a short distance. He ends the combo with a Fulgurite Strike. The initiating stomp can be avoided with a perfectly-timed roll through the boss. If done correctly, the rest of the combo will not occur. If you get caught in the stomp, you are effectively locked in an animation until he sends you sliding forward. After this point, you should immediately roll forward to avoid the incoming fulgurites and get behind the boss.



The Undone Sacrifice Lore

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The Undone Sacrifice Notes & Trivia

  • After defeating the boss, exit east onto a balcony, where you can loot a Treasure Pouch for the Essence of Sky key item. 
  • By defeating The Undone Sacrifice, players earn The Sacrifice ps5 silver trophy trophy. 
  • After defeating The Undone Sacrifice, you will have to make a choice between two options. If you decide to climb the tree, you will earn the  Make the Climb ps5 gold trophy trophy, but if you instead choose to devour the tree, you will instead earn the Take your place ps5 gold trophy trophy.
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      still have not completed the game yet but i feel like im wasting my time playing this game its not that good compared to salt and sanctuary its mediocare i guess it like your average dark souls copy cat and the boss are heavily overpowered goddamn im feeling like all bosses are tree of men and the green huntsman is still one of my fav boss the first boss is one of my fav its balanced i think

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        Bosses in this game are so badly balanced. A Terramancers have attacks than you can't avoid in any way but I-framing, and The Worm that does not die will pretty much force you to take damage by rolling into it's eruptions, but the final boss can be beaten by walking away for it while it does its combo, and then just walking up and hitting it until it dies.

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          Lame final boss fight and ending. Overall this game was a bit of a letdown. Multiplayer was fun, but the main campaign was weak compared to Salt and Sanctuary

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