Inquisitor Amben

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Type Phobomancer
Location Elder Copse

Inquisitor Amben is a Boss in Salt and Sacrifice. Inquisitor Amben is a Phobomancer Mage formed of fear made manifest. Bosses are the larger main battles usually representing a chapter or a section in the game. When bosses are encountered, a title of their name is displayered along with a full HP bar towards the bottom of the screen. Bosses may also be accompanied with some Enemies, so players may prepare some extra Items to help beforehand in prepreparing for these battles encountered throughout the game. Included is a guide on how to beat Inquisitor Amben in Salt and Sacrifice.


A phobomancer: a Mage formed of fear made manifest. Inquisitor Ambenn heard the alluring whispers of Magic, and they were honest and true.


Inquisitor Amben Information



Where to find Inquisitor Amben in Salt and Sacrifice

If you've been following Inquisitor Ambenn's questline through the previous major locations, finding him and exhausting his dialogue at each one, he will relocate to the rooftop of the Temple of Embers with his questline culminating in a Boss Encounter. To find the Inquisitor, make your way back to the top of the Temple of Embers where you fought The Worm That Does Not Die and look for an Ether Vent above a set of stairs in the west-end of the hall. Ride the Ether Vent to the platform on a wall and drop down while moving towards the opening in the wall underneath the platform.

This opening leads outdoors to another Obelisk and an Ether Vent that will take you to the rooftop. Loot the Treasure Pouch below the vent for a Blazepyr Brick and then ride it up to the rooftop where you will find a bunch of shelves and scrolls strewn about. Inquisitor Ambenn will be sitting on the floor here. Interact with him and, similar to Inquisitor Selet, he will be corrupted by power and transform into his Boss form, immediately beginning the encounter.


Salt and Sacrifice Inquisitor Amben Rewards


Inquisitor Amben Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

In direct contrast to Inquisitor Selet, Inquisitor Ambenn has many more moves with a longer recovery time between attacks. Despite leaving himself open after his movesets, Inquisitor Ambenn can be difficult to get close to due to the very wide hitbox of his feather attacks.

The most dangerous move in his arsenal is the Bladed Pinion attack. This move is deceptive in that it appears as a simple falling projectile attack but in fact hides a powerful grab maneuver which can take out a large portion of your health, if not outright kill you. Ensure that you are rolling behind the Inquisitor whenever he performs this move. This will also give you a window to attack 2-3 times if you are quick.

Another large opening you can make use of is his Rolling Slash. The Inquisitor leaps high up with his horizontal, culminating in a rolling maneuver and slashing with the momentum. As the Inquisitor cannot change directions once the move is initiated, you can easily get 3 or more hits in with most weapons if you run or roll past him as he descends to the ground.

When he uses the Brilliant Plumage attack, run far away to avoid damage as it has a very, very wide hitbox. Alternatively, you can attempt to roll through the feathers as they fall to the ground but this is quite difficult to do.

Finally, the Inquisitor is relatively easy to stagger with consistent attacks and doing so, you may get him in the special stagger animation where his eye glistens similar to grappling points. Use this opportunity to grapple to his head and deliver a powerful blow with your knife to deal a good amount of damage. You can also perform a falling attack right after the grapple for even more damage.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Knife Stab Inquisitor Ambenn raises his knife hand and stabs at the ground in front of him. Basic melee move that can easily be rolled through.
Rolling Slash Inquisitor Ambenn leaps forward with good height and distance, lands in a rolling maneuver and ends with a large downward arcing slash with his knife. The Inquisitor cannot change directions after initiating this move so it is best to run or roll under his leap for a chance to retaliate but rolling through the slash itself is possible as well.
Advancing Strike Inquisitor Ambenn takes on a lowered stance with one leg trailing behind him. He then leaps forward a good distance, stabbing at the ground with his knife upon landing. Note that the leap portion of this attack will also deal damage as the Inquisitor leads with his knee. Dodge through the leap to avoid damage.
Bladed Pinion Inquisitor Ambenn brings one hand up in front of him, releasing a stream of feathers horizontally which subsequently fall to the ground, dealing damage to anything they touch. The Inquisitor will repeat this move with his other hand immediately. In addition to the damage, getting hit by these feathers will allow the Inquisitor to grab you and stab you on the ground with his knife. Finally, he will shove you forward with his palm. Dodge through to the back of the Inquisitor to completely evade the attack. Getting caught by the grab will lock you in an animation which you cannot escape.
Brilliant Plumage Inquisitor Ambenn brings both hands to his side, raising them as they glow a bright white. Afterwards, a large amount of feathers rains from above over a very wide area around the Inquisitor. Avoid this attack by running far away from the Inquisitor as he raises his hands.
Feathered Dash Inquisitor Ambenn leaps straight up into the air and then dashes forward in a straight line, dropping feathers along his travel path. These deal damage on contact but can be avoided by rolling through with good timing.



Inquisitor Amben Lore

A phobomancer: a Mage formed of fear made manifest. Inquisitor Ambenn heard the alluring whispers of Magic, and they were honest and true.


Inquisitor Amben Notes & Trivia

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