Armor in Salt and Sacrifice is equipment that protects the player from damage and dictates appearance. All Armor in game is classified by its weight type, with armor that provides more protection also being heavier in Weight. There are 4 Armor types - Helms, Chests, Gloves and Boots. Each of these types are further divided into Classes (0-5) of either Light Armor or Heavy Armor.

Some armor may be obtained by Crafting, using the Materials gathered from defeating Mages. Other sets can be found as treasures during exploration, or obtained as part of the starting equipment of your chosen Class.

Armor also plays a central role to your combat, providing you with defensive stats which includes Physical and Elemental Resistances as well as Poise or Stagger resistance. The armor also determines your weight, which affects your rolls and movement speed.

To equip that armor, you must have that Class of armor unlocked in your Skill Tree. Armors usually come in sets with pieces that match cosmetically, but not always.

The Damage Reduction formula is: Armor/(Armor+100). It means that a value of 50 armor absorb 33.3% of the damage; 100 absorb 50%; 200 absorb 66.6%; and 300 absorb 75%.

Armor in Salt and Sacrifice







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    • Anonymous

      I have started a run where I only use my hands and throwables for fighting, and I have found that different gloves give different attack buffs and my attack without weapon scales with strength and dexterity, or so have I noticed so far.
      And I've been coming here to see if I can actually know which gloves would give me more attack before equiping them, but so far I had no luck and I can't seem to figure it out. Can sombody help me with this?

      • Anonymous

        Really hoping there's some better looking heavy sets added. It's all either just metrically stronger skinny designs or huge comedy sets.

        • Anonymous

          Has anyone found if there's any armour heavy enough or with good enough poise to prevent every other attack launching you through the air? I feel like I'm spending more time flying through the air and getting up off the ground than I am actually fighting half the time.

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