Fencer Set

Light Armor Set
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Phys: 26.6 Fire: 12.1
Cold: 16.9 Poison: 12.1
Light: 12.1 Dark: 16.9
Weight: 9.2 Poise: -
Amor Pieces: 4 Weapons: 2
Accesories: 0 Display Trophy: 0

Fencer Set is a Light Armor Set in Salt and Sacrifice. Fencer Set is composed of 4 Armor Pieces and 2 Weapons. Armor Sets provide defense to certain elements, making them specially useful against particular Mages



Where to find Fencer Set in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Starting equipment for the Duelist class.
  • Fencer's Set can be found inside a Treasure Chest at Archridge District, in Ashbourne Village. Make your way to the back of the building past the Undead Woodsman, where you'll find wooden platforms that you can use to get to the first floor. Take the path to the left through the first floor and up the ladder past another Woodsman. Take another ladder on the second floor to the third, and then jump the gap onto the rickety ledge on the right to reach the Treasure Chest containing the whole set.



Materials needed to craft Fencer Set

Can't be crafted.



Fencer Set Pieces in Salt and Sacrifice




Display Trophy




Fencer Set Notes and Tips in Salt and Sacrifice

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