Game Progress Route for Salt and Sacrifice (SnS) features a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game. The guide aims to take players through all the important steps required to completing the game, including all key Locations, Items, NPCs, as well as involved Boss encounters.

  • This is a quick and condensed guide covering only the critical paths required to completing the main campaign. For detailed guides that include optional content and activities, see the Walkthrough or Locations pages.
  • See the Quests page for a list of all quests and similar activities.


Salt and Sacrifice Game Progress Route



  1. Collect your starting equipment
  2. Engage the Inphyrean Warden and die
  3. Awaken in Pardoner's Vale
  4. Speak to Champion Hera
  5. Speak to Runereader Diedala
  6. Use the Mirrorgate to open a portal to Ashbourne Village


The first section of the game takes you through a short tutorial, presenting the game's controls and basic mechanics. When you gain control, pick up your starting equipment from your dead escort and then head west while following the on-screen control prompts.

Eventually, you will come across the Inphyrean Warden. It is currently unknown if you can defeat this boss but it will likely take you out in 2 hits at most.

You will awaken in the Pardoner's Vale, the game's main hub for getting to the different Locations, interacting with NPCs, upgrading your Stats and Equipment and more. Take some time to get your bearings and familiarize yourself with the place. There are several locked areas that can be accessed as you progress in the main campaign. 

Speak to Champion Hera found in the center of the village, or west from where you awaken. 

Speak to Runereader Diedala at the bottom of the village to acquire your first set of Runestones, allowing you to travel to Ashbourne Village. Use the Mirrorgate next to her and open the portal to Ashbourne Village to begin the next step of your adventure.



Head west from the first Obelisk and go through the Root-Ceil Cavern to reach Greymoss Mire where you will encounter Uryks Necklace-of-Ears. Defeat him and enter the small tunnel behind him to acquire the Grappling Hook Inquisitor Tool.

Complete the Mage Hunt for either Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury or Calus Zend, The Mourning Winter.  Arzhan-Tin's distortion can be found inside the Gatehouse building in central Ashbourne Village. You can enter from the right side. Calus Zend's distortion can be found in a building above the western Ashbourne Village Obelisk. Navigate your way up the western cliffs and grapple through a gap to reach the building's entrance.

After defeating either mage and devouring their heart, use your grappling hook to climb the cliffs above the Gatehouse and speak to the Talking Tree to acquire the Runestones to travel to Bol Gerahn. You can enter these runes at the Mirrorgate in Pardoner's Vale.


Bol Gerahn

  1. Defeat The Hate-Cursed Matriarch
  2. Acquire the Magnesin Supply
  3. Defeat Aur Cyrus, The Wild Pandemonium
  4. Defeat Sto'h Karrig, The Immovable Bastion
  5. Defeat The Tireless Exalted
  6. Acquire the Filthy Key from the throne at the top of the Temple of Bol Gerahn
  7. Unlock the sewer door near the bottom-middle of the Temple
  8. Navigate the sewers and find the Corvius' Mire Guard in the upper-west.


Head east from the main Desolate Plain Obelisk and make your way to the Praying Giants sub-area.

Navigate your way across the tree tops, heading to the upper west towards the Praying Giants Obelisk.

Defeat The Hate-Cursed Matriarch in her arena nearby.

Head further west and descend into the tunnels below the Matriarch's arena. Navigate your way eastward to find another tunnel where you can acquire the Magnesin Supply Inquisitor Tool. Head back west from the tunnel and defeat Aur Cyrus, The Wild Pandemonium whose distortion can be found atop a large tree.

Return to the main Desolate Plain Obelisk head east. Unlock the mage-sealed door below the path to the Praying Giants. Navigate your way through the Creeping Caves and defeat Sto'h Karrig, the Immovable Bastion whose distortion can be found in the lower west section.

Unlock the mage-sealed door above Sto'h Karrig's boss arena to enter the Temple of Bol Gerahn. Defeat The Tireless Exalted a short distance from the entrance and then navigate your way through the Temple towards the throne at the top to collect the Filthy Key.

Descend the Temple and near the bottom-middle section, unlock the door to the sewers using the Filthy Key.

Navigate your way through the sewers to the upper-east where you can find the Corvius' Mire Guard NPC who will give you the Runestones which will allow you to teleport to Corvius' Mire from the Mirrorgate in Pardoner's Vale.


Corvius' Mire

  1. Defeat Por Myec, The Encroaching Rot
  2. Defeat Marega Gredanya
  3. Acquire the Luminstone
  4. Ascend the Great Tree
  5. Defeat the Sapblood Heart
  6. Use the Luminstone on the Stone Circle


Head west into the Darkearth Lair sub-area to defeat the Fungalmancer Por Myec, The Encroaching Rot. Unseal the door to the east which leads to the Foulmurk Marsh.

Defeat Marega Gredanya in the upper sections of Foulmurk Marsh and obtain the Luminstone from the corpse near the upper-east Obelisk past the boss.

Return to the main Corvius' Mire area and use the Luminstone to gain entry into the Great Tree right above the main Obelisk.

Ascend the Great Tree and defeat the Sapblood Heart.

Use the Luminstone on the Stone Circle in front of the device at the very top of the Great Tree past the boss to acquire the Runestones that will allow you to teleport to Dreadstone Peak from the Mirrorgate at Pardoner's Vale.


Dreadstone Peak

  1. Defeat the Two That Remain
  2. Acquire the Ethercloth Bolt
  3. Defeat Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind
  4. Defeat any two Named Mages
  5. Unlock the door on the left at the bottom of The Falling Star's hull
  6. Defeat Kraeaxenar, Wyrm of Sky
  7. Speak to the Hazeburnt Tree


Head east from the Whitecrag Path Obelisk and ascend the mountain to reach the Temple of Eleven. Continue eastward and defeat The Two That Remain.

Make your way to the lower-eastern Obelisk of the Temple and climb the platforms above it to reach a small room on the left where you can acquire the Ethercloth Bolt Inquisitor Tool.

Use your new tool to reach the second floor of the temple and find the Mage Hunt initiation point for the Neuromancer Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind in the west.

Next, defeat any two Named Mages. You have access to a total of three at this point: Chronomancer Zaruman Tam, The Wraith Temporal whose distortion can be found by ascending to the top floor of the Temple and heading out the balcony to the west, Dracomancer Draeaxenerion, The Scaled Nobility, whose distortion can be found in the Old Annex at the bottom-right of the Temple and Umbramancer Vodin Tenebre, found in the Sentinel Caves which you can reach by riding the Ether Vents west of the main Whitecrag Path Obelisk

After acquiring 3 total hearts, make your way towards the hull of The Falling Star skyship by navigating the rooftops from the balcony at the top of the Temple of Eleven and activating a Stone Circle which reveals luminous platforms and grappling hooks that will take you to several giant chain platforms to the west, high above Whitecrag Path.

Make your way up to the main deck of the ship and defeat Kraeaxenar, Wyrm of Sky. Head east to the bow of the ship and speak to the Hazeburnt Tree to acquire the Runestones that will allow you to open a portal to the Elder Copse from the Mirrorgate at Pardoner's Vale.


Elder Copse

  1. Defeat the Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate
  2. Defeat Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar
  3. Ascend the Citadel of Sky
  4. Defeat the Icon of Pandemonium
  5. Acquire the Essence of Sky
  6. Ascend the Temple of Embers
  7. Defeat The Worm That Does Not Die
  8. Acquire the Essence of Fire
  9. Ascend the Imperfect Shrine
  10. Defeat the Undone Sacrifice
  11. Make a choice


Head west from the main Elder Copse Obelisk to find the Mage Hunt initiation point for Parxa Krass, Force Incarnate. Chase him down to the Unprofaned Lake at the bottom of the region and devour his heart. 

Find the Mage Hunt initiation point for Logostus Rime, Undying Scholar in the upper-eastern section of the Unprofaned Lake and chase him west past the main Elder Copse Obelisk and down below to the Unprofaned Lake. Devour his heart and return to the main Elder Copse Obelisk.

Find the Citadel of Sky in the upper-western section of the region. Ascend the Citadel and defeat the Icon of Pandemonium at the top. Acquire the Essence of Sky from the balcony east of the boss' chamber.

Find the Temple of Embers in the upper-eastern section of the region. Ascend the Temple and defeat The Worm That Does Not Die at the top. Acquire the Essence of Sky in the small room east of the boss' chamber.

Find the Imperfect Shrine in the upper-central portion of the region. Make your way to the very top and defeat the Undone Sacrifice.

Make a choice at the tree for the Ending.


Hallowed Hill (Optional)

  1. Head east from the starting Obelisk
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the chasm
  3. Head west into the Mossgrave and ascend to the Revenant's Keep
  4. Continue ascending towards the building in the upper-east
  5. Collect the Drowned Key from the chest
  6. Unlock the door in the west of Treacher's Grotto underneath Pardoner's Vale


Navigate your way through this location by following a clockwise direction.

Head east from the starting Obelisk and get to the bottom of the chasm by using the wooden platforms strewn about the two large trees.

At the bottom, head west into the Mossgrave sub-area and scale the building using a combination of all the Inquisitor Tools you've acquired through the gauntlet-style platforming sections.

Continue through the Revenant's Keep until you reach the outdoors section high above the main Hallowed Hill area. Navigate through a series of Ether Vents, Grappling Points and rickety platforms to reach the building in the upper-east.

Inside the building, defeat all the enemies and collect the Drowned Key from the Treasure Chest.

Return to Pardoner's Vale and head below to the Treacher's Grotto sub-area. Use the Drowned Key to unlock the door in the far west which leads to a small room where the Materials Merchant can be found.


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