Hallowed Hill is a Location in Salt and Sacrifice (SnS) and is an optional destination players can visit during their adventure. This Hallowed Hill Walkthrough features information on how to get to this location, complete it and collect all items in the area. Hallowed Hill is a desolate land formerly the site of a great castle, now lying in ruins. The castle's keep now serves as nothing more than a graveyard where its former denizens yet stir, reanimated by the powers of the warp.

This page is a segment of the Walkthrough, featuring a comprehensive guide that aims to help players complete the main campaign as well as optional content. The Walkthrough covers each location in detail, including all obtainable Items and Equipment, NPCs, Enemies and Bosses, and is organized in by location based on our recommended progression path to completing the game.


Hallowed Hill Guide

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Sub-Areas: Mossgrave, Revenant's Keep


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Hallowed Hill Walkthrough for Salt and Sacrifice

How to get to Hallowed Hill

Hallowed Hill is a secret optional location that players can travel to by manually setting the following Rune pattern at the Mirrorgate in Pardoner's Vale:  hallowed hill rune pattern walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

This pattern can be found in the Elder Copse, carved into the background in a hidden area underneath the main Obelisk. See the Elder Copse page for details. Note that the actual prerequisite to being able to travel to Hallowed Hill is acquiring the final Runestone in the pattern above, which you obtain by speaking to the Hazeburnt Tree at Dreadstone Peak after defeating Kraeaxenar. You don't even need to visit the Elder Copse if you've found the pattern elsewhere (such as this guide) and can simply go straight to Hallowed Hill if you so choose. 


Exploring Hallowed Hill

Exploring Hallowed Hill is pretty straightforward. You travel in a clockwise direction until you reach a building high above in the upper-east of the region. When you teleport in, activate the Obelisk. The path to the west just leads to a locked gate so head east. Shortly after, you will come across a wooden construct with platforms above and a grappling point to reach them. You will not be able to go further up from here so ignore it for now. Note the Satchel on one of the platforms where you can collect materials, as well as the Rubble node right at the bottom. Continue eastwards until you reach a large chasm. Ignore the platforms below and grapple your way east instead, briefly stepping on rickety platforms as you come across them. At the end of the path is a building you can enter. Check the Treasure Chest here for the Hollow Bounty helm and then continue downwards to an exit back to the middle of the chasm.

Grapple your way onto wooden platforms attached to a large tree in the west and watch out for the Undead Sages flying around. Descend the tree all the way to the bottom of the chasm where you will encounter several Rust Knights. It is recommended to take on these enemies one by one as they can be quite powerful. Continue westwards to a building entrance guarded by another Rust Knight. This entrance leads to the Mossgrave sub-area.



Inside, you find yourself in a very long and dark hall filled with Living Dead and Undead Clerics, as well as the Sentinel Eyes that shield them. Take the eyes out first with ranged attacks and fight off the dead as you continue on west. At the end of the path is a green mining node and a grappling point up above. Use a wall-jump and then grapple up to the ledge in the upper left to find another Undead Cleric and a Living Dead. Along the west wall here is an Ether Vent that will take you further but before riding it up, take a quick detour to unlock a shortcut by grappling up to the wooden platforms in the upper right. On the next ledge is a Living Dead and a Pulley you can activate. Ride the Pulley up to another platform further to the upper-east and defeat the Sentinel Eye and Living Dead up there. Activate a second Pulley at the end of this platform and ride it up to a ledge with a door. This door leads outside to the chasm, right underneath the platforms you ignored earlier before grappling across to the building in the east.

Retrace your steps back to the Ether Vent and ride it up to the top of the wall. Watch out for the spinning blade trap and pace yourself for the next section. This is essentially a gauntlet run using your Ethercloth Bolt and Grappling Hook over a very large pit. A misstep here will lead to certain death as you plummet into the bottom of the pit. The path is straightforward. Simply follow the combination of Ether Vents, grappling points and rickety platforms heading west, upwards and then east to end up on a ledge far above your starting point. Once you make it to the ledge, loot the Treasure Pouch for a Salt Slab. Head east from here and pull the lever at the end of the path to unlock the gate next to it, unlocking a shortcut west from the starting Obelisk. Continue ascending the building via the long staircase opposite the lever to find another sub-area called Revenant's Keep.


Revenant's Keep

In this next area, continue heading west and defeat the two Living Dead at the end of the path. Jump up to the ledge above and to the left to find a Stone Circle and an Ether Vent. Activate the Stone Circle to reveal some luminous grappling points above. Quickly wall-jump to reach the Ether Vent and ride it up to a rickety platform above. From here, quickly grapple to the stone platform on the right and loot the Treasure Chest for the Harvestlord's Hood, Harvestlord's Vestments, Harvestlord's Gloves and Harvestlord's Tights. Jump back down to the Stone Circle and activate it again, following the same path but grappling past the stone platform to the second floor area further east.

On this floor, there is a wooden platform you can climb to reach a set of stairs leading to the upper-west. There is also a Living Dead and Aberrant Heart flying above, as well as a Rust Knight guarding a door on the east-end. The door does not open from this side so you can skip that side entirely for now and just head up the stairs. At the top is another Stone Circle and an Ether Vent. Activate the Stone Circle to reveal more luminous grappling points and then jump into the Ether Vent, grapple through two points onto a long rickety platform in the west. Quickly run towards the wall on the left and wall-jump up to the grapple point above and follow the series of grapple points and vents leading up to a ledge in the upper-east. Watch out for a spinning blade trap along the grappling points.

When you reach the ledge, follow the path east and drop down from the wooden platforms to the floor below. There is a Rust Knight by the wall to the left but it is not guarding anything important so you can just ignore it and continue east, down the stairs and more wooden platforms to the floor below. Kill the Aberrant Heart floating around this corridor and continue west through an archway to the next section. In this next room, drop down to the floor below and unlock the door on the left. This is the previously locked door behind a Rust Knight, Aberrant Heart and Living Dead. Turn around from the door and head east where the path splits. There is a set of stairs heading downwards and a platform above with two Undead Knights supported by an Aberrant Heart. Take the path heading down first and exit the keep to an area outside with several wooden platforms. Follow the platforms down to the lower east until you reach the one with a Treasure Pouch. Loot the pouch for the Harvest's Bounty throwing weapons and lower the ladder next to it. This is a shortcut from the platform east of the main Obelisk that you ignored earlier.

Retrace your steps back into the keep and take the upper path, defeating the enemies on the ledge. Follow the path east and look closely for perforated sections of the ground. These are floor spike traps that you should roll through as you pass by. There is also a projectile trap on the ceiling which will pelt you with attacks. At the end of the path is an archway leading to another section outside. From here, jump off the ledge and navigate your way across the many grappling points and Ether Vents guarded by several Undead Sages and follow them to a wooden ledge far in the upper-east. Once you reach this ledge, loot the Treasure Pouch for a Salt Slab and either defeat or roll through the Undead Sage and Rust Knight guarding the entrance to the building. Inside the building, there are two more Rust Knights guarding a Treasure Chest and supported by an Aberrant Heart. Be very careful fighting these powerful enemies in such a small space. Take the Aberrant Heart out first to prevent it from buffing the already powerful knights further. The chest contains the Drowned Key which unlocks a secret door in Pardoner's Vale.


Pardoner's Vale Door

Return to Pardoner's Vale and head down into the Treacher's Grotto sub-area. Head all the way west to find the door and unlock it using the Drowned Key. This leads to a small room with an NPC that looks almost exactly like the Hydromancer Mages you've fought before such as Kundry Kahn. Speaking to the NPC only leads to incoherent groans but he also serves as a Materials Merchant, selling you all of the Common Materials dropped by Mages and their summoned mobs such as the Sooted Nail, Icy Vein, etc. so you can more easily procure these items.

materials merchant npc salt and sacrifice wiki guide 300px

The Materials Merchant found in the locked room of Treacher's Grotto, below Pardoner's Vale

That concludes the walkthrough for Hallowed Hill.


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